How to open and run PDF and .EXE ?

Dear Professional,

I have got notes in PDF format and in .exe file. I have installed Red Hat linux 8.0 and didn't know how to open file in pdf and run .exe file. I have tried to open pdf and .exe but failed to run it.

Basically I have bought the book Linux + book with CD , there are notes in PDF and .exe file.

I would be very happy if anyone comes with great solution.

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avizitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you have to give full path of where its located
if you have selected default during running of INSTALL you should be able to do

/usr/local/Acrobat5/bin/acroread  filename
You can get Adobe Acrobat [PDF] Reader for Linux here:

.EXE files are MS-DOS/Windows executable program files.
They are written to run under Microsoft's operating systems,
not the linux operating system.  You could run it under emulation
via vmware.
nepkAuthor Commented:
I have downloaded linux-509.tazr.gz

Now what to do to run it? please print the commands here
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untar + unzip the file by

tar -xvzf  linux-509.tar.gz

and then you can read the README file for further assistance

nepkAuthor Commented:
coud you please kindly tell me about which switches shoudl i use with Install command.

I have run the tar -xvzf linux-509.tar.gz and its generate couple of files and install fiel is also there.

just run INSTALL


nepkAuthor Commented:
after run ./install i have got below directories in Acrobat5 folder. Now what to do next to run pdf.
and one more thing which command show me current kernal version. please
root@LinuServer Browsers]# cd ..
[root@LinuServer Acrobat5]# ls
bin  Browsers  Reader  Resource
[root@LinuServer Acrobat5]#
under acrobat5 there would be a bin directory

in that there will be a program "acroread"  use that to read pdf files

acroread filename.pdf  

uname -a

to get the linux version
nepkAuthor Commented:
see the below result. it says command not found. how to getrid of this error.

[root@LinuServer bin]# acroread /linux+.pdf
bash: acroread: command not found
nepkAuthor Commented:
thankyou very much . last question

have you got any idea when we install rpm like

rpm -ivh ......rpm

where the installed file reside. ihave installed cfdisk rpm and now i have to uninstall it but couldn't find the installed file.

please help. I don't have much points left to ask . please help. i have already selected your answer.

kind regards
to uninstall you can do a

rpm -e package-name   ( but be careful it can break dependencies and hence shoudl be used wioth caution )

also check the rpm manpage

man rpm

nepkAuthor Commented:
but I couldn't uninstall it. i have installed the rpm this morning and its working fine but now i have unsitall it..

root@LinuServer downloadSMH]# rpm -e cfdisk-glibc-0.8g-1.i386.rpm
error: package cfdisk-glibc-0.8g-1.i386.rpm is not installed
[root@LinuServer downloadSMH]#

and where the installed rpm reside. I am looking after the installed directory for the rpm. from where can i crack down the installed software.

rpm doesnt work like " where does theinstalled rpm reside"

when you give command like "rpm -i package.rpm "

it extracts the files that are to be installed and puts them into

libraries in /usr/local/lib , binaries in  /usr/local/bin etc etc

to remove you can do

rpm -e cfdisk-glibc-0.8g-1.i386

also if you have GNOME installed , yuo can try removing using
rpm -e cfdisk-glibc-0.8g-1.i386

nepkAuthor Commented:
thankyou very much i have done it. one more question and i promise it will be last.

someone told me you can use linux command as windows command by installing rpm and just put 'm' before every command.

like mdir will work like ls and so on. can you guide how can i get rpm of mtool. i have got 5 cd's of redhat linux, can i get mtool rpm from the cd or not.

Sorry to bother you again
you can search for rpms at

It it obvious that you are lacking even the most basic knowledge required to
build, install, or run software on a linux system.  Although Experts Exchange
is an excellent resource for solving very specific problems, it is not an efficient
mechanism for learning the "Foundation" of knowledge required in any broad
discipline.  I suggest you go through some basic Linux tutorials, explaining the
nomenclature, structures, and basic processes.
nepkAuthor Commented:
okay i will look on those website and will learn it thoroughly. basically i am new in Linux not in networking.

can u guide me , is it possible to make user accounts in GNOME GUI. and by which tool

please help. I won't ask anymore question today, this would be last.
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