Manual and/or default settings needed for Addtron ADR-E200p DSL Cable Router 4 port switch

I have an Addtron Dsl/Cable Router with four port switch model number ADR-E200P. I would like to get it working at a non profit I do some work for. However, The addtron website seems to be unavailable. I know the default I.P. address for the router is and I can get to the screen that asks for user name and password. But I do not know the default password or if it has been changed. Further, the unit does not seem to have a reset button or switch and may be controlled via software. If someone could offer me a link to download the manual from a third party other than the manufacturer or if someone knows how to reset the unit to its default password and what that default password is I would greatly appreciate it. If software is needed and you could provide a link to that as well I would be eternally greatful.

Thank you in advance.
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MarkDozierConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try this
default ip address to gain access to setup should be
: : default username is "root" (without the quotes) and password field should be blank

if that fails try the process at this link
Iamwill72Author Commented:
Thank you very much for your prompt response!!
Your welcome
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