Website Hosts which support Smart host ( SMTP relay ) for Microsoft Exchange server?

Do you know Any?
Can You recommend any?
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harleyjdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most ISP's allow their own clients to relay mesages via their smtp server as you are on their network, and they can hunt you down if you abuse it. It's a much faster way of sending legitimate bulk email, as it puts the stress on them, with their fat pipes and all.
Pushpakumara MahagamageVPCommented:
What do you mean....

you can apply your smtp servers host name... as smart host
SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is nothing special about a smarthost - usually you will use your ISP's outbound SMTP server. However if you phone the ISP and ask them if they have a smarthost that you can use then most of them will either not know what you are on about or say no.

AuthSMTP - - is the one we use with Exchange 2003 because our ISP does not provide SMTP. Works well - cheap and and they virus scan the outgoing email.
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