Domino Additional Servers Cannot Route Mail to the Internet?


I have alot of Domino Servers, 25 actually. 2 of them is on R6.5 (primary) clustered domino, and the rest is on R5 domino additional servers located remotely. The mails and clients connecting on the R6 machines can send/recieve mails to the internet. But all the Additional servers (R5) mail users cannot send/rcv mails to the internet? It can only send/rcv locally.

Ex. users from additional server4 can send/rcv mails to the users from additional server15, vice versa. But it cannot send/rcv mail to the internet although they have an internet address.

We only have a flat organizations. No Ou's... The R6 servers (clustered server 1 & 2) routes mail through our firewall. Do we have to put the firewall name on the
"Relay host for messages leaving the local internet domain:" field on the additional servers? Or do we have to use "Passthru" on the R6 machine? On the "Access this Server" field on the R6 server do we have to put in there the groups of R5 servers?

What must i do to be able to route all the mails from the additional servers to the internet?
With this type of many domino server machines on a single organisation, What would be the BEST setup? Do i need to create Directory Assistance or dircat?? Can domino be capable of routing all mails with this many domino servers?

*All servers on AIX platforms

Your assistance would be very much appreciated!!!
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You can get this woking, there's just a few things you need to configure. 25 servers is more than comfortable for a Domino environment, you just need to tell each of your servers what to do with mail that isn't addressed to their own domain.

There are 2 ways you can do this:

1. You can enable "SMTP used when sending messages outside the local Internet domain" (in the configuration settings document, Basics tab) specifying your R6 servers as the relay host (in the configuration settings document, Router/SMTP > Basics tab) on each of your servers that do not route mail directly to the internet


2. Create a domain document, choosing "Foreign SMTP Domain" as the type, enter *.* for the internet domain, and a Domain Name (eg: InternetDomain).

Then for each server that does not route mail to the internet itself you need a connection document (in your case it looks like 23 documents), choosing "SMTP" as the connection type, your (non-internet) server's name as the source server, your domain as the source domain, "Direct connection" to connect via, destination server (eg: InternetMailServer), and the destination domain (eg: Internet Domain).

If this is for a workplace I strongly recommend you get a Notes Administrator in to complete your configuration and check your security (making sure you're not an open relay, that access to your servers is restricted etc).

GL  :)
Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
What do you want to do ?  Have all your internet mail routed tru a main server, or have all your servers connect individually to the internet ? (I would suggest to take the first approach, unless you have good reasons)

Then you must create the necessary domain and connection documents...


lordfcAuthor Commented:
Hi Bozzie,

We're using d 1st approach.. We've already created a connection doc and all the mail routing locally is ok. But the problem is routing mail to the internet? Only the mail users from main server can send/rcv mail to/from the internet..

All the additional servers can route mail within the domino networks, but it cant route mail to the internet?

How do i create a Domain Doc? What is the proper settings for the connection doc? Can Domino cater to this numbers of additional servers?

Hoping for your advice,

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Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
The 2nd approach in jjpaton's comment makes probably more sense in your case, because this will make all Internet Mail use NRPC (the notes messaging protocol), which works between your servers since you already route your internal mail like that.
You also need a Global Domain document, to define the internet domains your mailserver(s) hosts.


lordfcAuthor Commented:
Hi jjpaton bozzie,

Thank you for the very inforamtive suggestions... currently em out of the province right now. This saturday, we will try to configured that... i think its easier for me if a do Option 1.. Would there be any problem if i choose Option1? does my server susceptible to become a relay server from the outside? em afraid of that...

Please advice,

Thank you all...

esp jjpaton

Hi lordfc,

Either option is fine.

As for the open relay issue, it has to do with the configuration of your internet mail servers (in your case the ND6 servers). There is a lot of information available about this on the web including forums, papers, tutorials, and webcasts - just search for "domino" and "open relay"

GL  :)
lordfcAuthor Commented:
Hi jjpaton,

Thank you vry much for the info that u'v shared to us!
More power!!!

tHis Points for you GL!!!

Cheers :o))
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