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I have an enom reseller account and I run a small hosting company. I want to be able to transfer domain names to my enom reseller account.

My questions are:

1) how do I create an IPSTAG for .co.uk names

2) has anyone done domain name transfers with .com names with enom? what should I have my customers say to there domain name supplier to start the process (I know I can start the process in enom too, but not sure of the order)


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humeniukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
(1) You should be able to make this change with your registrar (as shown here this: http://www.britishnic.com/handbook/change-ipstag.html).  If they don't have this feature as part of their configuration tools, you will have to contact them and request the change.  However, remember that you will likely not be able to access your domain controls until the transfer is complete.

(2) Generally, the process is started at the destination end of the transfer, primarily because registrars are more eager to facilitate incoming transfers than outgoing transfers.  If you initiate the transfer with enom, your customer (whoever is listed as the admin contact) will receive a confirmation email.  They have to follow the instructions in the email to allow the transfer.  Some registrars also allow clients to 'lock' a domain, which means it can't be transferred.  The configuration has to be changed (and the domain 'unlocked' before the process can begin).  As you have noted, in some cases they may have to change the ISPTAG first (as above) as well.
bhermerAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay in answering. I forgot about the question after I transfered
Glad to hear it's all worked out.  Thanks for the A.
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