How to add a textbox to a contex menuitem?

I need to design a context menu exactly like the table datasheet shortcut menu in MS Access. When right-clicking on a datagrid column I would like the context menu to show some menu items including a menuitem as follows: Filter for: _________ (the line here should actually be s a textbox where the user types a filter criteria.
I already know how to add icons to a menuitem with the OwnerDreaw, but I did not figure out how to add a textbox to the item.
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arif_eqbalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure if System.Windows.Forms.DrawItemEventArgs has some method to do what you want. However you can go for a windows Form disguised as a Context Menu there you can have all the options you want....
You can not add a textbox to a contextmenu, do what erif eqbal proposes
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