VB601 BIOS update problem


Because I wanted to able to use a large disk I have done a BIOS update.
The motherboard is VB-601.
My previous BIOS was Award v4.60PGMA.
I have installed MI415.bin BIOS.

The update run well but now I have a problem!

The computer starts ok, the disks are detected, I can run the BIOS setup, the memory is detected but it should start to read the OS (at the disk or at a disquette) - it simple hangs.
A black screen with the cursor blicking at the left top is the result!

Can someone help me with this!

I have already loaded BIOS default values.
Thanks in advance,

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One thing you could try would be to go to the website you got the flash from, and see if there is a flash that is 1 rev. older.  (hopefully newer than what you previously had)  If there is one, try that one.  Could be that there is some bug in the version you downloaded. (perhaps a beta version???)

Good Luck!
Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
Hi JM ..... I have a feeling that you've written a wrong BIOS firmware
Check here for an emergency procedure: http://www.fic.com.tw/support/motherboard/faq.aspx?type=bios#qid399
If it doesn't work, then your only chance is to find an identical motherboard, remove it's BIOS chip, plug it into your motherboard .... boot up to DOS mode and then (WHILE YOUR COMPUTER IS STILL POWERED , plug off the working BIOS chip and put yours back). Now you'll be able to rewrite the chip with the original version of firmware. (do not reboot with your chip plugged as it will fail) Notice that plugging / unplugging the BIOS chip while the computer is booted it is dangerous and should be done very carefully not to damage the chip's pins. Nothing else could happen, but I'm sure yoo won't want a phisically damaged chip.
jmartins71Author Commented:
thanks for your comments

I am not a very lucky persons:)
Before updating I have backup old BIOS but (Murphy Law!),  I do not know if it was during this boots that damage happened, the diskette with the backup is now useless!

I am going to try to find my previous BIOS!
There is a message at the startup screen saying ALT-F2 to run awdflash.exe! Hope this will work!!!

It is not easy to find, now, VB601 motherboards!

The BIOS that I have used is indicated for my motherboard! I still have some hope that the behaviour is because of some bad configuration!! Hope that nothing bad hapened to my board!
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jmartins71Author Commented:

I am having lots of trouble finding the BIOS on internet!
Anyone knows a good place for downloading!!!!
The motherboard is VB-601.
My previous BIOS was Award v4.60PGMA.

I have found the following place for buying BIOS:

After I re-read your original posting, I don't think finding the correct flash for your BIOS will help, as you stated that the computer hangs.  If you have a boot disk, try to see if it will bring you to a command prompt, then perhaps a proper flash can be found. Only other option may be purchasing from the guy's you posted the link from.  :-(
jmartins71Author Commented:
It hangs just before reading any diskette or hard disk!
but at the startup screen there is a message at the bottom saying something like
"ALT-2 for running AWDFLASH.EXE"
I have tested and it will try to find it at the diskette.
This executable I already have but the previous BIOS no!

So maybe if I find the original BIOS I can solve it... Maybe....
Can't hurt to try anyways.  Do you by chance know who the manufacturer is of the MB, or do you only know the model number?  Did you actually have a look at the MB?  Sometimes the manufacturer / model # is on it somwhere.
Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
it's manufactured by FIC
jmartins71Author Commented:
I have to check the motherboard.
Probably was manufactured by FIC but the BIOS I have installed is also from FIC!?
They say:
 MI415    1.4   Award   release   1999/12/30
   Fix: 1. Update CPU detect method.
2. Update new CPU microcode.
3. Fix BIOS can not detect Hard disk size great than 36GB
   Note: if you use wrong BIOS to flash , the board won't be able to boot. 1.4 with *EF-AW I/O chip use MI*** serial BIOS The I/O Chip is located near the edge of the motherboard, close to the fifth PCI expansion slot. please see the FAQ

Here, see if any of these files help you out.


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jmartins71Author Commented:
I have to check it carefully!

No I think I know the problem!
My I/O chip is "Winbond W83977TF-AW".
With this chip I can not load any MI*** BIOS!!!!

The main problem is that it is not very clear which BIOS to use!!!!
I think that versions ME** are better but I am not sure!

Let us know how it goes.  Hope that you can find what you need in there.  And I hope that you can re-flash it.
jmartins71Author Commented:
I Hope so :)
Thanks to all for the comments. They were very helpfull.

Only tomorrow will have time to make the "dead or alive" operation :)
Monday I will be back here with news and of course for giving the points.

Yesterday I have found at my motherboard:
I/O chip is "Winbond W83977TF-AW" with PCB 1.3
SO I think I am going to try the ME4118.bin BIOS.
If anyone think that this is a big mistake than please let me know:)
jmartins71Author Commented:

Motherboard is alive!
The ME4118.bin works fine but I think it has other bugs:)

I have one recent disk and one recent DVD reader.
One was at the primary while the other was at the secondary IDE.

If I connect each one alone the BIOS detection works.
Connecting both, only the DVD reader was detected!

So I have connected both to the primary (master - slave) and now they are fine!
Strange but to be honest I am very happy because I have again a computer:)
Thanks to all.

Glad to hear your back alive.  Thanks for the points.
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