CD Drive wont allow burning

Hi I have a compaq HP NX9005 laptop. I have WinXP SP2 and all the latest updates and drivers. The problem is my cd drive will not recognise it as a cd burner. All the regular programs such as windows explorer, nero etc only detect the image drive for burning which is close to useless. I did have a previous problem where the drive just disappeared and it did not appear in my computer but i fixed that. I think maybe the registry key might be wrong or something? Can anyone help me to allow me to burn again?

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SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello dan390339 =)

I dont have a GOOD experiece with laptop cd drives,,,, i think most of them get BAD in less time....
are u sure ur drive is not getting BAD ??

one thing can be also possible, then when u did that registry stuff, u accidently deleted a wrong key :-?
or u recently installed\uninstall any recording software which have caused this problem ??
I remember a similiar situation to this. XP must recognise the drive as CD-RW.  I would try reinstalling XP. I know that seems like a lot but I think it will fix this problem. You may try the lesser option when you reinstall XP which is the repair option by pressing R when asked. Although it just seems like you need to start fresh to me.  Did it ever recognise this drive as a CD burner(Did the burner come with laptop or is it new)? Did this occur after XP was updated?
dan390339Author Commented:
i cant do a repair because the cd i have is an oem and it only allows recovery console. There must be a way to fix it other than re-install. Also when i fixed the cd drive i got a vb script of another person from here and they assured me that it would work so i didnt actually do any 'tinkering' i the registry.
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Could you restore to a last good point? Based on SherharyaarSaahil's thinking if you did delete a key, software or both then by using restore you could theoretically go back to a point before the key was removed.  
dan390339Author Commented:
I have automatic restore turned off, how silly of me
I am all out of ideas.  Don't feel bad I do the same thing with restore becasue sometimes it causes more problems then it is worth but here is case where it may have good use.  Other than reinstall I can't come up with anything.
Hi dan390339,

Try cleaning the drive and see if that would help

Have you attempted to use a different disk and see you can write anything to it ?

Does this problem occur after SP2 installation or even before that . If it is only after Sp2 , your best bet is to uninstall SP2 going to add/remove programs and see what happens.

What software are you using to write to the disk , windows xp inbuilt or some other CD burning software ?

dan390339Author Commented:
all burning software will not recognise the drive, sp2 did not affect it, i thought it might fix it. I have tried a different disk.
This may be of some assistance

How to Troubleshoot CD-ROM Drive Problems in Windows XP;EN-US;314096

have you already tried to reinstall the drivers for the drive to see if that would help ?

check to see if recording is enabled on the drive

Right Click on the CD drive>Properties>Recording tab

make sure Enable CD recording on this drive is checked.
dan390339Author Commented:
There is no recording tab
why dont u take it back to the vendor, or contact HP....
they can check ur drive for u and can tell u what is the main problem and what u have to do !!!!

coz if its becoz of registry corruption,,,,, u have to restore ur system with Recovery CDs... and if its due to bad drive, then a replacement is the only solution !!!! =\
did nero come bundled with the cdrom drive ?
or you could try using nero express as nero burning rom itself is for burning vcd roms only and the only way you can use this feature is with nero6 versions which you will have to purchase the mpeg plugin to be able to use it.
If you have a copy of nero that came with your windows use the upgrade and download the  Nero express. This burns all the usual stuff but will not burn vcd or mpeg etc..
Otherwise remove the burning rom if possible unplug it completely and boot up your laptop without it uninstall everything associated with it use the list below. Remove the image drive as well..
Uninstall all and any burning programs. reboot to flush out the bios. Then follow the steps as ouitlined with the documentation that came with the burning rom cd.
Try this for starter ;)

drivers of other CD burner programs
The following is a list of drivers which either belong to other CD burner programs or can cause problems. If you want to test to see if the problems with Nero no longer occur if the corresponding drivers are no longer there, then there are 2 possibilities:
Deinstall the attached program. Unfortunately in some cases the pertinent drivers are not also removed. Then the drivers have to be removed manually. The drivers can be found in the Windows\System\IOSUBSYS directory.
Rename the drivers. Do Please not change the name itself but the name extension, change .VXD , e.g.: to .VX_ Please bear in mind that drivers are also loaded with a file extension such as .VXD.OLD or .OLD.VXD. The drivers can be found in the Windows\System\IOSUBS directory.
The following is a list of the drivers:

Drivers which belong to software from CeQuadrat :
There are systems with which WinOnCD and Nero can be installed in parallel without problems ocurring. This can also be encouraged: See Nero and WinOnCD.

Drivers which belong to software from Adaptec:
Drivers for Gear:
The HP Support Hotline recommends removing the following drivers if problems should occur:
ATAPIZER.VXD      WinOnCD / PacketCD
            This driver is necessary to be able to contact
            IDE devices with WinOnCD, which include recorders
            as well as CD-ROMs (Audio reading and CD copy)
C2REC.VXD      WinOnCD / PacketCD
            Disables the auto insert notification
            while writing.
CD_READ.VXD      Iomega RecordIt: Causes problems with
            Direct CD (On starting Windows you get
            a blue screen)
CDRASPI.VXD      Corel CD Creator / HP Software
CDREXIFS.VXD       for PacketWriting with CDR-Extensions
            can cause problems with Multisession-burning,
            to prevent this before starting  Nero insert a CD in the
            burner and click on or update
CDREXUNL.VXD      to read CD's with CDR extensions in the
            backup format can cause problems with audio CDs in the
            CD-Reader, to prevent this problem remove and don't use this
DRVSPACX.VXD      Seagate Backup Exec
DRVWPPQT.VXD      Seagate Backup Exec. Is included in Windows 98.
            There are problems if an HP 7100e is attached to the parallel
            port as the driver sees the HP 7100e as a
            Tape Device.
DRVWQ117.VXD      Seagate Backup Exec
HDLED.VXD      Hard Disk LED: can Windows
            Protection Error Device IOS: please restart
            Windows cause:
            -> download the newest driver:

INFRAIOS.VXD      Driver from Creative Infra 1800 CD-ROM. Download
            newest version, as it causes problems with e.g.
            Microsoft Home Series:
NECATAPI.VXD      Driver for older NEC CDROM drives. This
            driver sometimes causes buffer underruns.
SCSI1HLP.VXD      Windows 95/98
            Is required to play VideoCDs by IDE-CD-ROM
            devices. Causes conflicts with the
            Adaptec driver CDR4VSD.VXD
SCSIPWR.VXD      presumably for Power-Down for SCSI devices.
            It also exists under NT (SCSIPWR.SYS)
SCSIWCDR.VXD      driver for read with XR-W2001/2010/2020
            is normally compatible with Nero .
SISVSD.VXD      SIS chip set
TOEXTNDR.VXD      WinOnCD / PacketCD
            This driver extends the TimeOut. This
            driver not being there can cause
            a TimeOut error or a Bus Rest error
            for certain recorders.
VXDASPI.VXD      HP Software / Corel CD Creator
VSD_CUNI.VXD      HP Software / Corel CD Creator
PIIXIDE.SYS      IDE Busmaster driver. Causes a total crash of
            Windows NT shortly after the burning process.
            (At least the version 2.05 dated 07.12.98)
Driver of Prassi / CD Right! Plus
PTVSD.VXD      Provides the function called CD Blocking
            which blocks access to a drive for all
Driver of CD Wizard (VOB)
ASAPI.VXD      Driver to release IDE devices via the ASPI
            In one customer's case, this driver caused a
            2s pause to be inserted between the first and the second track on newly
            burned audio CDs.
            After deleting this file (and REGTAPE.VXD
            and DRVW*.VXD from Windows98), the
            problem was resolved.
other drivers:
CDFS.VXD      This is actually an original Windows 95/98 driver.
            Problem: There is a program called CDFS
            which overwrites precisely this driver. This
            program causes problems in ORIGINAL Windows 95
            (Audio track 1 can not be read).
            This driver enables the CDA files to be
            shown in Explorer as
            playable WAV files.
            The program comes from Microsoft itself and has
            the version 4.00.1030 -> from Windows 98 which use
            files CDTSD.VXD and CDVSD.VXD
            (in Win98 Cab 47)
ezbtnvxd.vxd      This driver belongs to the IBM Rapid Access keyboard.
            this driver causes problems. It is possible
            that this problem can be solved with V1.3.
PIIXVSD.VXD      Removing this driver is what actually made it
            possible for some users to access the CD-ROM
            drive at all.

nero express>> its called 5.5 but should include the  "Nero express" burn option which btw you can use separately outside of Nero burning rom just create a shortcut to it and add it to your start menue for easy access saves opening that Nero burning rom which doesnt work unless you have the mpeg plugin  :)>>

On this web page also include several burning programs try these anyway nothing to lose.

Thisone is nero vision to beused with image drive..

good luck.
dan390339Author Commented:
dont think i need software, maybe a registry key to fix the problem?
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