Where do I get information on how to set up and use Subcontract Purchase Orders

We are presently moving some of our production from in-house to subcontractors. I have heard that SAP Supports the subcontract Purchase Order, however, I am looking for a source for more details.  Do you have any idea where I might find more details on how to do this?
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iamderekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sub-contract PO is similar to a normal PO.  
1) set the item category to L
2) enter the components or copy from BOM
3) transfer the component to subcontracting stock
4) GR

For details of 4.6C, please read

DSIGRISAuthor Commented:
Great.  Just what I was looking for.
DSIGRISAuthor Commented:
How do I close out the question and indicate that I have what I need?
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