Outlook XP font size within Options Screen and within menu's


I have an interesting situation.  I received a support call today that consisted of a user having "FONT" issues in Outlook XP.  I proceeded to try and troubleshoot the issue and found that in the preview pane and within the OPTIONS screen, the FONT size is huge.  I have searched high and low and tried everything from display settings to Accessibility Options, and to no avail I have not found the fix.  Please advise.

Kevin J. Wimble, MCP
Network Technician
Husky Injection Molding Systems
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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Apart from Options and Menus ,is the font size fine in rest of the area inside outlook ?

Do you know what the user has done prior to this issue .. any change to outlook , any update ?

If this suddenly occured, then probably something got corrupted in outlook.
you may want to backup all outlook data for that user and recreate his or her profile

go to control panel --> mail --> show profiles --> delete the profile and create it again
Check if that would solve the issue

kwimbleAuthor Commented:
That is a good question.  Strangley enough there are no other changes and this is a shared PC for 5 assistants to use while covering the "Front Desk".  They all say that "NO ONE CHANGED ANYTHING".  Thank you for your timely response and i will try again.


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it is weird to see how that could have happened possibly a virus attack ..

Scan thoroughly for virus and then create  a new profile and see how it goes
kwimbleAuthor Commented:
The strangeness keeps on.  it is now happening within the Mail settings in the control panel.  We are using McAfee 7.1.0 with DAT 4390.  any other suggestions??
Does it affect only outlook or other applications aswell

have you tried to recreate the profile to see if it helps

go into control panel, fonts, and replace tahoma.ttf

I am thinking this font is corrupted.

You can replace it with the tahoma.ttf file from the Office Xp cd.  What version of windows is this?  

kwimbleAuthor Commented:
Thank you all.  i have actually tried to replace the entire user profile and that had no impact on any of the user's including the one whos profile was rebuilt.  I will definately try to replace the tahoma.ttf file.  The machine is running Windows XP SP1a
kwimbleAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your help.  I did replace the tahoma.ttf and the tahomabd.ttf fonts.  The only way i was able to achieve this was to boot into the recovery console using the XP instillation CD.  and manually delete the files from the %windir%\fonts directory.  I then rebooted and re-installed the deleted fonts.

Great Job!!!

Thanks Again!
Kevin J. Wimble
Nice work kwimble!  Glad you got it resolved.

Hi there,

I have a solution to this, well it worked for me anyway.

Not only was the Tools > Options dialogue displaying the fonts and form format incorrectly but so was the "open Outlook Data Files" dialogue.

I suspected that even though my outlook came from a clean installation of office, there was some conflict from residual settings from previous versions which had been uninstalled, probably in the registry.

I firstly ran a complete office repair, then I used a program called RegSupreme to clean the regestry using the "aggressive" setting. This can be found at:


A shutdown & Restart then cured the problem.

Hope this helped
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