How to remote control PC over http port 80

I've noticed that there are several services available that for a service fee will install a plug-in on your PC that will allow remote control of that pc from a web browser.

I am interested in whitepapers that explain exactly how this technology works and I would also like to know if there are any alternatives that provide this functionality over port 80 without having to pay a service to provide it.


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danielsonchrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What OS?  
If it's windows then here:

For *nux.. shoot.. I have yet to get my hands on any HTTP goodies like that.. I typically just use X forwarding.
You still need port 3389 open on the computer you want to remotely administer for Remote Desktop (aka Terminal Services) access.  Ohh the solution above is free.
Try VNC. (Free!)

You can use it with a client program or via a java program on a website
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sadianAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the responses - however, I am specifically looking for a program that will work over http (port 80) with the firewall buttoned up tight (but allowing http traffic) and no utilization of protocols like uPnP. My understanding is that services like WebEx & GotoMyPc use a plugin which is installed on the host computer that is then remote controlled through their service which operates exclusively over http.

(i.e. - if for instance in the case of an auto dealership where we are working with the dealer principal, but the manufacturer manages the firewall and the firewall can not be adjusted without significant bureaucratic red tape)

**I would also accept white papers that contain the specific of how such a program(protocol) would work.
you could change the port that vnc listens on to 80 if thats the only way of getting through the firewall?
I ran into this msg by searching google. I am also looking for a solution to the one you described. I found an awesome program that does work on port 80 and uses minimal bandwidth BUT ONLY for special people have access to it =(. I hope soon microsoft will release it to the public...

Found out the live is available to the public..just incase you were interested
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