WIN98SE....Explorer caused illegal error CANT GET into WINDOWs

Posted on 2004-09-13
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
                    Hi....I have Win98se & just installed FL Studio (fruity loops) ...i got a copy of the program from a strangers website (dumb me, i know) i also had the demo version installed....before the "real" one.       when i closed the demo my everything was sluggish & C+Alt+D told me IE wasnt i hit cancel & my "active desktp" disappeared along w/most icons in my sys tray...well instead of Restarting (like a patient person).....i went ahead and started to install FL STUDIO (i didnt un-install the other demo)
                     During the install a Security box popped up "Would you like to install splotch toolbar...blah,blah?" So I said NO...then a warning box..."You cannot proceed w/install unless you accept" ....(I was very eager...and hasty) so I accepted...I thought i'll just un-install that was that.....but when it was almost finished installing I got the "This program has performed an illegal operation....."
                      So I let the install finish in the background then restarted.......Restarted & went to ADD/REMOVE & it was gone just fine but i noticed another program i'd never seen "SIDEBAR" or something ...i thought it could be attached junk and i proceeded to remove it...That's when everything changed...all the programs in the add/remove box disappred desktop acting i shut down...restarted & it brought me my login window but once i log in i get the "THIS PRGRAM HAS ...ILLEGAL OP" (details: EXPLORER caused an invalid pg fault in module explorer.exe)    ......
                 I can get in DOS and i tried to extract the explorer.exe using EXT command nothin....I also tried scanreg, scanedit, regedit, scanreg/restore, and scanreg/fix  all the same result..Bad command .......
                 Before all that happend..and the laptop fine & I was in msconfig...i accidentally (in autoexec.bat) hit something to insert a space (i think i was "looking with the mouse "& i clicked  ....i noticed a curser blinking where there had been nothing and an extra space..i think?  but i got nervous and didnt wanna go remove a "space" that is vital......the next time i rebooted was after the FL STUDIO install....i dont know if my registry is damaged, or what to do...ANY input or springboards i can leap (head first) off would be greatly appreciated....Thanks in advance...sorry for the verbose's just that you guys are like Forensic Detectives...very thorough and focused....and stopping at nothing to find the solution....I love this site...

Thanks...Ms.Beth :)

....almost forgot  ive tried Safe mode ....and a blank desktop (safe mode) comes up but mouse wont work or keyboard cmmds...and there are no programs running when i hit c+alt+d
Question by:msbeth
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ID: 12051247
one more thing i was just in my bios and now when i try to reboot nothing comes up except RFID Configuraton problem error:

press <F1 to setup>

any ideas on that too?
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ID: 12051291
Hmmmm..... Did you try SFC from a DOS prompt?
Description of the System File Checker Tool (Sfc.exe);en-us;185836

Start > Run sfc /scannow
From DOS: Go to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM and type SFC and choose Ckeck for missing/corrupt files

A dirty install might fix it:

Dirty Install of W98
You might have to install W98 over itself to fix it.  
Run the setup program from the CD or WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS or INSTALL folder.
This should save all of your settings and programs.
Also make sure you install to WINDOWS not WINDOWS001 ( or whatever ) when it asks where to install.

If still no joy, you might have to save anything you don't want to lose, and FORMAT and do a fresh install.
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ID: 12051325
>>> i was just in my bios <<< 
1. If you changed something, change it back.
2. Try changing it to Default setting, then Save and Exit.
3. Open the case and find the jumper to Clear CMOS (check the manual for location and method), or take the round silver battery out for about 20 minutes.
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ID: 12052146
thank u for the quick response....1st couldnt get into windows AT ALL right before it opened the error came i cant get into anything...not even dos prompt......i know what i changed but icant get back i put myself in a deeper hole....appreciate the suggestions....assuming i fix this RFID error orig prob is i can only get in dos mode...

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ID: 12052852
hey i got out of the RFID Error (read from another post hit ESC several times} I just ran regedit/restore and it worked at least it said it did ...after that i ran scandisk..(but i dont know what the verdict is yet Scandisk has been defragging for about2 hrs impatience got me in this mess and it seems I'm getting a lesson in just that....thanks for the input i'll let ya know how it turns out
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ID: 12061226
>>> hit ESC several times <<<   LOL  I learned something new.  Glad it seems to be getting fixed.

If you want, you can post a 0 point Question in Community Support with a link to this Q and ask the Delete and Refund your points.

TITLE: Please Delete
BODY:  I solved it myself. Could you please Delete and Refund my points on this Question.

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ID: 12061712
      WHEW!!!IT WAS THE REGISTRY......... I didn't realize just how much I've missed my first rebooting I was having the same problems...and then I extracted COPIES OF(E:/SCANREG,REGEDIT, and SCANREG/RESTORE ( I was just running from C: and i would get "bad command file) and I also went into BIOS and AND CHANGED THE ORDER OF THE 'NETWORK BOOT" AND CHANGED MY PCI INTERRUPTS FROM ALL 11 TO AUTO..DETECT.....I
       rebooted then ran scandisk and all of the above....I restored the registry file dated 7/6/04  and restarted and no more warning box to stop me,..........Thanks so much fo all your help...on emore question I noticed after adrenal rush wore off that I have a few new additions in various places on my c: drive......"little cybr gift perhaps" probably attached to frooty loops..I didnt uninstall them or delete any  ..the all seem but anyway thats how I got into the mess in this ......
I just had to reload my thinkpad mouse<trackpint>and startand windows started up then I opend configsafe and restored to early July....VOILA!!!!I love that!!
boy my laptop has 9lives..Proof Positive I need to do a back up never run one,
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ID: 12071699
Glad to hear it is working.  < feels good, doesn't it? >   : )

>> that I have a few new additions in various places <<  Hard to say without knowing what they are. But a couple of guess's.

Things that FL finished installing when it finally rebooted.

Stuff that was deleted between 7/6/04 and when it crashed, that the restore put back. Should be safe to get rid of again.

Windows stuff that was 'lost' that the restore fixed.

>> Proof Positive I need to do a back up <<   ROFL   That is how I was convinced.  It's amazing how many people finally decide it is worth the trouble AFTER their first major crash.  

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