Arin regulations about IP

I need to have several IP from non consecutive ip blocks.

This is for search engine optimization purposes.

My provider says that they have to provide a reason to ARIN why they need ip from non consecutive ip blocks, and that search engine optimization is not an acceptable answer.

Here is their answer:

Due to restrictions levied by ARIN on how we are allowed to assign IP space, we are limited on the number of active IP ranges in which to assign IP addresses from. Additionally, as David discussed earlier, we are not able to use search engine optimization as justification. Therefore, without specific technical justificaiton we will not able to accomidate requests for additional IPs from non-consecutive blocks.

So I need a good technical reason (it's an excuse I know) for needing IP from non consecutive blocks
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Random IP address assignment is a root cause of much of the Internet's problems today.  The whole purpose of assigning consecutive IP address blocks is to be able to do route summarization from your ISP and above them.  If they break up their blocks it will waste addresses that they will be unable to assign to other customers (because that would exacerbate the problem).

I think your only solution may be to get a large number of addresses and use from the high, low, and middle of the block you're given.  Alternatively, you could get addresses from multiple providers, who would presumably be handing out different addresses from different blocks.

zippo80Author Commented:
The provider I use is rackspace, they host over 1 million domains, so I think this should not be a problem with a so large provider for me to have totally non consecutive IP
Yeah, they have a few addresses: (RSPC) (AS27357) RACKSPACE    27357 RACKSPACE3-4--23 (NET-207-235-4-0-1) - RACKSPACE4-248--22A (NET-209-163-248-0-1) - RACKSPACE5-32--21 (NET-216-110-32-0-1) - RACKSPACE2-8--24 (NET-207-71-8-0-1) - RACKSPACE2-44--23 (NET-207-71-44-0-1) - RACKSPACE4-244--22A (NET-209-163-244-0-1) - RACKSPACE4-236--22 (NET-209-163-236-0-1) - RACKSPACE4-232--22 (NET-209-163-232-0-1) - RACKSPACE3-6--23 (NET-207-235-6-0-1) - RACKSPACE3-16--23 (NET-207-235-16-0-1) - RACKSPACE5-40--21 (NET-216-110-40-0-1) - QWEST-63-239-103-0 (NET-63-239-103-0-1) - RSPC-NET-1 (NET-64-39-0-0-1) - RSPC-NET-2 (NET-209-61-128-0-1) - RSPC-NET-3 (NET-64-49-192-0-1) - RSPC-22852-1007744054 (NET-209-61-177-192-1) - RSPC-15069-1008182918 (NET-64-39-21-248-1) - RSPC-15075-1008182946 (NET-64-39-24-56-1) - RSPC-15073-1008182945 (NET-64-39-24-48-1) - RSPC-NET-4 (NET-66-216-64-0-1) - RSPC-NET-4 (NET-65-61-128-0-1) - RSPC-NET-4 (NET-69-20-0-0-1) - RSPC-NET-4 (NET-207-97-192-0-1) - RSPC-INT-44224-011800 (NET-207-71-44-224-1) -

However, it's not a technological issue that's restricting them - it's an administrative policy decision.  Perhaps they would give you a few from one net, a few from another.  
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zippo80Author Commented:
I just have to find a technical reason why I need these addresses. No matter if it's real or if it's an excuse.
Why not go to a number of suppliers, that way you are assurred to have non consective addresses and probably greater resiliance.
zippo80Author Commented:
Would be too expensive, I have a dedicated machine on this provider and I also have some cross site software in use.

I need a technical reason why one could not work with consecutive IP.
Perhaps you could say you are a security company and need to run intrustion testing origonating from different sources.

Though to be honest im not entirly sure what advantage ou are hoping to gain by using different ranges they will still all have the same netblock owner and origonate from the same connection so Im not sure how you believe this would speed up your searches?
zippo80Author Commented:
that idea is not bad at all, any other excuse for arin?
Stepping back a moment:  I don't see how randomly-distributed addresses will help you optimize your search engine.  So I fail to see the point of trying to sidestep ARIN.

zippo80Author Commented:
please just help me find an excuse
Excuse #1 - I am  Al Gore and i created the internet so i own all IP's now give me what I  want.

Excuse #2 - ISP are to lazy to administer this IP range and it should be ledt to tech professionals.

Excuse #3 - I am too lazy to devolope a real reason and I am getting pissy with the experts at EE.

Don't think it will help, but it was fun.
Some more ideas,

You could try saying you are setting up a free speech foundation and need seperate ip blocks to fool firewalls in countries with repressive regemes.

You are running an IRC host and need different ip ranges to effectivly manage your clients.

Find someone else in your situation and do a ip exchange?

Ask your provider to contact arin as if you were different clients that need to be distinct frm each other.

There all a bit wacky but its a very difficult thing to justify, requires much more complex routing for arin and your provider so is discouraged.

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