Unable to view web pages in Dreamweaver - turned to gobbledygook!

Hi all,

I've just taken over as the web developer for a company called Fujikura and I need to make some changes to the external website, www.fujikura.co.uk

I have downloaded the files from our ISP to my local machine and created a new site in Dreamweaver and attempted to open the files but none of them can be viewed in Dreamweaver - they all come out as gobbledygook, pages and pages of squares and strange symbols... They open fine in IE and I can browse the site, and I can also view the HTML using notepad, but Dreamweaver will not read them.

Has anyone got any ideas why this might be? I don't want to have to edit all these files in notepad. The site was originally created in Dreamweaver so I have no idea what is going on!

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webwomanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the format uses 3 consecutive spaces to separate words, you've got a shot.

Open it in Notepad. Save it as whatever.txt. Open the txt file in Word (better search/replace capabilities). Search for 3 spaces, replace them with *****. Then replace all spaces with nothing (you can do this in Word, I do it all the time). That will close up all the space -- ALL of it, which is why you put in the *****.

Now search for your ***** and replace that with a space. You'll probably have to do a quick scan to look for anything obviously screwy, but it will DEFINITELY be a lot faster.

Close it, making sure you keep it as txt. Then delete or rename the old file and rename the fixed one to whatever.html. Open it in Mozilla and see if it displays correctly, and tweak where necessary.

Not ALL the files had all the spaces (the top/side of the frameset seemed to be OK), but some of them did. More than a few would be a real hassle. Even one is a hassle. But search/replace is a lot faster than doing it manually. You could even record your steps and save them as a macro, I've done that before (which is why I said to use Word). Running a macro makes it REALLY fast. You could run through a bunch of these in a few minutes if you set up a macro.
set the default language in Dreamweaver to english
gjirvine3000Author Commented:

Thanks for suggestion. How do I do this? There is nothing in dreamweaver help about it.

Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Edit >> Preferences >> Encoding

I think there might be a problem with encoding...
gjirvine3000Author Commented:

There is no setting for languages under Edit > Preferences

The closest thing I can find is under Edit > Preferences > New Document you can set the Deafult encoding to Western European, and ask Dreamweaver to "Use when opening existing files that don't specify and encoding"

I have done this and it has made no difference...
It doesn't display correctly in Mozilla either.

They've put spaces between all the characters. I'm surprised IE displays it. Nothing else will.

Take out the spaces. Use Notepad if you need to. Then save it again and DW should be fine with it.

< ! D O C T Y P E   H T M L   P U B L I C   " - / / W 3 C / / D T D   H T M L   4 . 0 / / E N " 
                 " h t t p : / / w w w . w 3 . o r g / T R / R E C - h t m l 4 0 / s t r i c t . d t d " >
 < h t m l > 
 < h e a d > 
 < t i t l e > F u j i k u r a   E u r o p e   L t d .   -   B r i n g i n g   E x c e l l e n c e   t o   t h e   W o r l d   o f   T e l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n s  
 a n d   E l e c t r o n i c s < / t i t l e > 

How did that happen?

A tag that looks like this < h e a d > is not a tag, hence HTML code editors won't be able to recognice your code. you need to remove the chars that separate the letters.

I noticed the format seems to use 3 consecutive spaces to separate words. You could use expressions to "search and distroy" the useless spaces while protecting the others.
Unfortunately you can't run such a function in DW. In fact, I tried running a function to remove all the whitespaces from that little passage and nearly melted my machine.

You need an external 'grep' type app which preserve part of the regular expression it is replacing. If you want to remove every whitespace that is between two non-whitespaces, you need to be able to instruct it to ONLY remove the whitespace.

Alternatively you could try a function to remove every second character, but that's quite likely to run into problems with newlines and four-space gaps.

Altogether now:



Aren't you being a little dramatic? :)

I would prefer to do the entire site again than having to manually remove every missplaced char. I'm sure with the right set of expressions you could - Ctrl + F - yourself out of this mess in a few clicks. Sorry I can't give you the expression myself, I never stoped to learn how to use them.
>>Search for 3 spaces, replace them with *****<<
Why the hell didn't I think of something like that! maybe it takes a woman... ;)

Ok, forget about expressions. Webwoman's idea seems extremely reasonable except I suggest you use some Search & Replace that can work sitewide, like DWs and other HTML code editors (Can't remember exactly since I am not using my comp. but maybe CSpad and Context).

DON'T FORGET to backup the site before changing the files. Also, I would strongly suggest you hand picked the pages you will parse, and check each one afterwards to make sure they are ok.

Best of luck,

Dang. Webwoman, I think I love you. I might be able to get my mighty tab-delimited list of countries into a select-box now!

<I was genuinely just about to do the whole thing by hand...>
I have to clean up a lot of junk, on a regular basis. I do lots of stuff like this, it's about the only way to maintain your sanity. I even have macros set up to replace special characters, add HTML tags based on the style, etc. I still have to tweak a little, but it a huge time saver -- especially when you get Word files that need to be used as includes.
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