Prompted to save changes after applying a filter

I have an Access Project connected to a SQL Server backend. There are a number of forms which are used to view the data and the "Filter by Form" button is used often to restrict the records displayed.

Whenever the users apply a filter and then close the form, they are asked whether they want to save their changes to the form. The only change they have made is to apply a temporary filter which they never want to save. In any case, the project is read-only so they cannot actually save the change anyway.

Is there any way to stop them being prompted if their only change is to apply a filter? I have tried intercepting the close event in order to undo the filter, but the prompt seems to come up before any of the events fire.
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miqrogrooveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ChrisThornton, this is actually a simple configuration problem.

Every Access form has a property called "Allow Design Changes".  It is hidden at the very bottom of the "Other" tab in the properties for the form.  The default value for this property is "All Views"  Regardless of whether the user actually has the ability to save the form, you must set this proptery to "Design View Only".  If you do not, then the tiniest little change to the form (even filters) will cause a save prompt.

-- Miqro
my solution to this problem was a close button with the code

  DoCmd.Quit acQuitSaveNone

behind it (but make sure you don't use that button after actually modifying the database...)

ChrisThorntonAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately the users have been using this system for some time as an mde using DAO to connect to SQL Server, so they're pretty used to closing forms by using the little cross in the corner of the form or just closing the whole app. Incidentally, the mde incarnation of the system doesn't exhibit this behaviour (any idea why there's a difference?).
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mde files are locked and Access knows that the design of a form cannot be changed - there is probably a more accurate technical description out there but this is close enough.

Why not just make an mde of your new version?

ChrisThorntonAuthor Commented:
I tried that, well an ADE which is the Access Project equivalent, but I still get the prompt. It is a little different though, in that it asks whether I want to save changes to the view which the form is based on rather than the form itself. Is the filter in the project trying to save as a "where" clause in the underlying object rather than as a normal Access filter?
ChrisThorntonAuthor Commented:
Something else I just found:

It only prompts to save changes after using the "Filter by Form" button. Using "Filter by Selection" or the "Filter For" on the right-click pop-up menu doesn't cause the prompt on closing the form.
I haven't tried this, but have you tried clearing the filter in the form's OnClose or Unload event?
ChrisThorntonAuthor Commented:
That was my first thought too, but the prompt comes up before these events fire.
ChrisThorntonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Miqro.

I was really hoping it was going to be something simple - but it so seldom is.

Back to the Access for Beginners course for me!

I think of Access as a million simple pieces put together.  It is often overwhealming, but reliably so.

Glad to help,
-- Miqro
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