NW6 Service pack 5..

Well here we are, soon we will be deploying SP5 for NW6 on our servers wish me luck, even though we still ahev some problems with replication etc..
I would like ur advice on how to update e-directory and what version I would need to update to after the service pack updates.
Also which server I will need apply the update to.
BHGROUP is at the ROOT, so will I need to apply SP5 1stly to this server, then all servers below this.
We also have 5.1 server in USA and belgium. Will I need to update these to the latest service pack too.
Just to query how do I know if I have nw5 or 5.1 servers.
Thanks very much for your time..
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Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationAsked:
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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, no, never been to that side of the pond (altho I hope to some day). I'm over here on the East Coast of the Colonies. :-)

I understand and respect your assessment that you need someone more experienced on-site. Have you considered Novell's Technical Support?

Checking Novell's website (http://support.novell.com/additional/emea-phone.html) I see that it is available 0900-1800 GMT (except for UK bank holidays) at +44 1904 695273. Looks like the cost, assuming you're not a CNE, would be 395 Euros (~US$410, I think) - the cost is about 100 Euros lower if you are a CNE.

I really think you need to engage some professional services to clean this up before you move forward. Shutting down that PILOT server without properly removing it from the NDS tree has caused your company serious problems, and it looks like you've been stuck with the legacy of a moron (the "moron" being your predecessor who was stupid enuf to shut down the server without properly removing it from the NDS tree). I hope your management is not blaming Novell/NetWare/NDS - this is a clear instance of incompetent network administration. If proper, documented procedure had been followed, you wouldn't be stuck in this pickle now.
As I did in your other Question, I caution you most strongly *against* deploying a major upgrade like an SP while you are having replication and/or timesync issues. You can easily make matters much worse You need to solve your replication and timesync issues *before* starting a major deployment like that. I cannot stress that enuf.

You can check the version, Support Pack level, and NDS/eDirectory version of all your servers by using RCON/RCONSOLE (or physically visiting each one) and at the server console prompt, entering --> VERSION

The OS will display the server's OS version, SP level, NDS/eDirectory version, and licensing status. You should do this in any case - you need to know what is out there.
Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationAuthor Commented:
Thanks PSI but my IT Manager is reluctant to do the updates are you based in the UK???
Need to some help if I am gona try to solve it aint I from someone more experienced. Was it u or DSpoole that mentioned DS Trace bloody it is complicated all the switches...
Is that the way to fix the problem we have?
What you reckon??
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Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationAuthor Commented:
Well Im no novell expert but I am fairly confident with it.
I would read up on things that needed to be done 1st, the go ahead with it.
I want to clear up the mess but my IT Manager thinks not.
SO we are gonna go ahead with this and wallah and see what happens :)
Its not my call is it.
Cripes. Get it in writing that you wanted to clear up the mess first. Hope it doesn't train-wreck on you.
Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationAuthor Commented:
Ok well Ive put my findings to the Manager and he is going to get back to me..
I told him the NW 4.11 servers currently have replicas on (no Master ones tho) and we could possibly take these off???
What would you say...
Yes, you *definitely* want to get ALL Replicas off of the v4.11 servers BEFORE you try to upgrade. You do NOT want to try to have an NDS Tree with NetWare v6 and NetWare v4 both hosting replicas. Bad news.
Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationAuthor Commented:
OK well here is an update ladz.. That for ur help over the past 6 mnths oh so..
I have been working hard to resolve the problem... Most of it is now resolved so just minor problems to resolve..
Ill post back with what ive done...
I'll be here
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