Want to know if DFS will work in this scenario:

I use roaming profiles on the network and its shared as \\fileserverA \profiles$ .  I would like to use DFS so I could create a second profile$ share on a second file server as \\fileserverB\profiles$ and replicate the data between both shares. Then I would like to just use the new dfs share \\testdomain.com\root\%username% as the profile path for each user.

Would this work?

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RevelationCSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try taking a look at http://cs.gmu.edu/~menasce/osbook/distfs/

I have not done this myself, but I believe what you are looking to do should work in theory...

Did you have any issues with using dfs on your roaming profiles?

It is generally accepted that DFS is not the place to store roaming profiles. DFS is not the place you want to store data that changes frequesntly. Have you already implemented a DFS share for romaing profiles? If you have, how has it worked out?
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