Import Outlook Express 5 email into Outlook Express 6 from Hard drive copy

I have a copy of a harddrive (copy of C: on a second physical drive d:).  I would like to restore the email to the newly installed win98se drive on C.  The old email account settings (which I don't know) should come over as well.

The old drive had outlook express 5 installed onto them.  The new drive (by virtue of MS IE6 update) has outlook express 6 installed onto it.

How do I take the *.pst or *.dbx files and import them back onto the drive?  Also, can I copy some registry settings so that the email account settings are restored?

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scampgbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi DavidBonfoey,

You should find Sunray's Post in to be useful

Search for DBX files in the system

How to backup Outlook Express (OE) Email and transfer settings to another PC:

OLEXP: How to Back Up and Recover Outlook Express Data;EN-US;270670

DavidBonfoeyAuthor Commented:
This would be great, but all I have is the *.dbx files on the other drive.  I can get these back over, simply by copying them over and restarting outlook express.  

The problem with the address book and account information (from the regstry) is that they were not "exported" before the drive was copied.  I cannot run Outlook express 5 on the copied drive to export them so that I can import them onto the new drive.  All that I have is a copy of the drive.

any other suggestions
DavidBonfoeyAuthor Commented:
I got the Address book by simply copying the address book off of the copied drive and putting it into the "windows\application data\microsoft\address book" folder.  

I have a *.pst file on the old drive, did outlook express use this at all?
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you don't have to export them. just find them in application settings/microsoft/identities/outlook express.... something like that. that's probably not the right order. i forget how it goes in 98. but there around there somewhere. make sure you can view all system files and search for *.dbx, you'll find them. if you find more than one identity, check the sizes of the .dbx files; i imagine the inbox.dbx that you're looking for is the biggest one you can find, and the other dbx are in that identity folder. copy them to the new drive.
open outlook express, set up your new (old) account. click on each folder once so that it opens up (OE will not create a dbx until you open the folder in OE). if you have folders other than the standard ones, you may have to create those and click them once too. i can't remember. close OE. then go find the folder with the new dbx's you just made on the new machine in application data/identities/whatever. copy the old dbx's into this folder, and say yes to overwrite. this will replace THAT "inbox" with YOUR "inbox." etc.
1. "they're around there somewhere."
2. open outlook express (on the new machine), set up a new account....
yeah the account settings are pretty much lost, i think.
DavidBonfoeyAuthor Commented:
Thanks to you both.  The link was the most detailed and provided first.  Copying the *.dbx files works for the folders and emails.  The address book got copied as well just fine.

The settings are lost for good.
Hi - thanks for accepting my answer.  Sorry that I didn't have chance to post much after my first one, I was driving home.
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