Notes crashing while composing memo

We have a whole bunch of users whose notes crashes randomly when all they are trying to do is to simply compose a message. If after typing the email address they click on the message area, Notes crashes with NSD leaving log files in the data directory. If they try the other route, i.e. type message first, and then click in the email address space, it crashes again.

For a few users, as soon as they launch notes it  crashes with a NSD leaving a log file.

The Notes version we're using is 6.0.2 and a few 6.0.3. I'm unsure of the server version being run at the corp headquarters. (BTW, asked the corp folks and they have no idea how to fix it too, or even why it's happening)

Any tips/ideas/suggestions appreciated! If need be, I can provide the log files too. Googling hasn't helped me any, except bring up some very funny pages where people are cussing out Notes in very creative ways.... I'm inclining on making such a page myself too! *sigh*

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Some more info aboput the environment please... Windows versions? Server system? How are the Notes clients installed, from an image, do you run from a network, or from CD? Etc...

Are there users who don't have problems? Any reason?

Maybe the mail-template is corrupt...
Probably the server is on R5 and you are using R6 template on the server !! This could lead to crash as some of the r6 features doesn't work with R5 and lead to crash

Check this one , might be applicable to you ...

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Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
Windows 98 ?  Novell network ?

Then you're in trouble :-)
basti_1Author Commented:
Sorry. Here's more info.

Clients are all on XP, some on 2K. Crashed notes happen on both.

Backend is all Windows 2003 AD, all patched. The Notes servers are located in the corp headquarters to which I don't have access. Is there an easy way to find out which version of Domino they're running? Notes are installed from a share on the File server. All users are admin on their machines and Notes is installed under their profile. The share it is installed from though, is not accessible to the users but only to admins.

There are users who haven't crashed ... yet!! Most of the users have had issues though. One more tidbit I picked up from my co-worker is that folks on Notes 5 haven't had the crash issue, but all users having the issue were upgraded to 6 (We're using 6.0.2CF2 and 6.0.3, nothing above it) Also blowing away the windows profile and recreating helps but for a little bit before the error crops up again.

I'll check the links and report back if they help any. Also sjef_bosman suggested mail template. How can I resurrect the mail template to its original state?

Thank you for your help guys!

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
How to find out the Domino-server version? Try opening the Domino N&A book (names.nsf) on one of the servers. Look for the Configuration and then the Servers view, click on All Server Documents. In the view the Release is already shown, if not you can open the Server document of the server you use most frequently and read the Server build number.

The mail template can be found on the original CD's, and every user has one on his/her PC (mail6.ntf and mail6ex.ntf). If you have the standard mail template, you could try switching to the extended template. To find out what template you use at the moment, open the database properties window (File/Database/Properties) and go to the 4th tab (design tab). It probably says: Inherit design from master template StdR6Mail. If you want extended mail, then click on File/Database/Replace Design, look for Extended Mail(R6) and click Replace. If you're scared that your mail will be lost, make a backup somewhere of the current database (if you have a local replica of the mail db: quit Notes, and use the MS-Exploder to make a copy to OUTSIDE the Notes data tree).

Other possibility: the install files in the installation share are fawlty, and need to be reinstalled.

Is there a user who has installed R6 from the CD and uses mail without problems??
basti_1Author Commented:
Kudos Hemanthakumar,

I've searched high and low the web to find anything relevant for this problem and your link was the key. We had a PCL driver for a printer and that was the only common link between the users crashing notes. Removing that driver brought back all the functionality.

Hemantha, Would be deeply interested as to how did you search on this problem?!?

Thanks again,
Lotus Support site does cover most of this bugs as they deal with large number of businesses.. rarely you can fail in getting soln from their web site. Do a search and you can get some results.. takes some time to negate certain solns and pick which might be most suitable.

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