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Asus mew-vm, hawk, 6540c - new

I am trying to install a new Asus mew-vm motherboard (aka Hawk and 6540C) as a replacement. It came with the "tattoo" diskette and I'm instructed to boot from the disk. I've re-installed the hardware to the best of my knowledge the same as it was when I removed it. When I boot from the disk I get no video output and it will not boot to disk. Is there some command I haven't been informed of that will allow me to force boot to disk? The board appears to be working as the fans are all working and if I install a card in it I can get power on that as well. (I removed the cards to make sure that wasn't the boot issue.) Thanks for your help, neither HP nor Asus have been.
1 Solution
When installing a new motherboard, you have to be careful that it is not shorting on the case.  Try removing it from the case and put it on a piece of wood or cardboard.  Reset the BIOS also, to clear any spurious values that might be present.
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
Run the system in a bare bones environment, no floppy/hard/optical drives, only the video card.  Can you see the bios screen at all?
Are you trying to use a hard disk with an operating system installed already - if so, this can be tricky.  Connecting one CD drive, and a blank hard disk, and then trying your Boot Disk for the OS would be then next step.

I'm not familiar with the Tattoo disk - what does it do?  Sounds like it might be a bios flash disk, or similar.  
haleycaAuthor Commented:
According to the files that are on the tattoo disk it appears to be a boot disk of some sort. I'm thinking most likely with the bios flash on it. I am running video/mobo/floppy only (tried both just in case). Yes the drive installed in this machine has an ops on it - it was the same drive that was with the mobo I am trying to replace so that should be ok I would think since it's the same board. Thank you all for your help, I'm really stumped.
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Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
Do you get any screen at all when there are NO disks attached?  
[no] - check the seating of all parts, esp video card and RAM.  Are there any error beeps?  If still bad, return the mainboard to mfr.
[yes] - go on to below

attach just the floppy drive - can you boot from it?
info here on making them:
[no] - what error do you get?
[yes] -  go on to below

attach the hard disk as well - is it seen in the BIOS correctly?
either F1, F2 or Del on boot (depending on mfr)
[no] - suspected dodgy hard disk, try another one if possible
[yes] - go on to below.

connect a cdrom drive, and try an original windows cd.
can you try the hard disk, video card, ram and cpu in another system (one at a time, in that order!)

Some points to consider - check the boot sequence in the bios that it's sensible ie FLOPPY then CDROM then HARD DISK (good for building it, but I'd reverse the order once it was built for a faster start up)
is there any chance that the Tattoo disk didn't work, and has incorrectly flashed the motherboard?  If so, then return it to the mfr.  Just tell them it's faulty.  If it's replaced, stay away from the Tattoo disk for the time being.

Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
one last mad thing.  The monitor's ok yeah?
Clear the CMOS by removing the computer power and the CMOS battery for a while, just to make sure the boot order is correct.
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