Messing w/ Menu Files, Now Can't Open MD

I am using Mechanical Desktop 6 Power Pack.  The person that loaded AutoCAD had a whole bunch of toolbars and menus added that I didn't really like so I unloaded the menu files and was working off of the standard ACAD menu file.  I think that the menu files were a mix of standard MD toolbars and his custom ones.  There was one thing that I liked about his TB's and it was that he had access to a hardware library.  I don't think it was anything custom that he created, just standard hardware libraries that come with MD 6.  In order to have access to this library again I reloaded the menu files that were originally loaded when I started using this computer.  Everything seemed to be working fine but then MD crashed.  Now when I try to open it I get to the opening screen where I can either open a drawing that I've previously been working, open a template, or create a template etc, but as soon as I select a drawing to open it crashes again.  The wierd thing is that one of MD's toolbars is still visible.  I don't remember which one and that's the only thing you can see that has to do with MD.  Everything else is gone except for this one toolbar.  Any ideas on what happened and how I can fix it?
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kgerbChief EngineerAsked:
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norrin_raddConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hmm I thought a unistall would have wiped all that out. There are profiles and toolbars items in the registry. Tb's are under the profile key. Looks like they show the hide, float and location of the tb's. You could take a look at those and see if its referencing something thats not there. Being carefull with the registry goes with out saying.  good luck
kgerbChief EngineerAuthor Commented:
More information:
I have 3 different options in the the Mechanical Desktop 6 folder in Start/Programs

1. AutoCAD 2002
2. Mechanical Desktop 6
3. Mechanical Desktop 6 Power Pack

The third option is the one that I always used and it is now the only one that doesn't work.  What is the difference b/t the three and how do they relate to each other?  Wouldn't they all use the same menu files?  If so, then why do two of them work and not the third?  Could the problem be that two of the menu files are trying to open the same toolbar?  Is there a way to unload some of the menus without MD running?
Will it open a dwg file by clicking on it directly?
You may have inadvertently corrupted one of the menu files, I've done it.  If you can get it to load up using one of the options that works you may see if the previous user created a profile and load it. That may or may not clear things up, at least it might get you back to where you were. You very well may end up having to reload. I recommend once you get do get it fixed and the way you want it to create your own profile, it comes in handy.
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kgerbChief EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.  I am not at my work computer right now so I cannot try your suggestion right away.  Tomorrow morning I will give it a shot.  If it doesn't work I think I might have to reload.  Thanks again.

no prob.
I wanted to get into the way menu files work more yesterday but I ran short on time. The way acad compiles the menu files makes it a little tricky, if you dont do it right you will over write a file. If you can get to the help files it does a good job of explaining loading menu files, here is the compiling part of it:

AutoCAD finds and loads the specified file according to the following sequence. (This sequence is also used when AutoCAD loads a new menu with the MENU command.)

 acad help file ->"AutoCAD looks for a menu source file (MNS) of the given name, following the library search procedure.
If an MNS file is found, AutoCAD looks for a compiled menu file (.mnc) of the same name in the same directory. If AutoCAD finds a matching MNC file with the same or later date and time as the MNS file, it loads the MNC file. Otherwise, AutoCAD compiles the MNS file, generating a new MNC file in the same directory, and loads that file.
If an MNS file is not found, AutoCAD looks for a compiled menu file (.mnc) of the given name, following the library search procedure. If AutoCAD finds the MNC file, it loads that file.
If AutoCAD doesn't find either a MNS or a MNC file, it searches the library path for a menu template file (.mnc) of the given name. If this file is found, it compiles an MNC and MNS file, then loads the MNC file.
If AutoCAD doesn't find any menu files of the given names, an error message is displayed and you are prompted for another menu file name.
After finding, compiling, and loading the MNC file, AutoCAD looks for a menu LISP file (.mnl), using the library search procedure. If AutoCAD finds this file, it evaluates the AutoLISP expressions within that file.
The acad.mnl file contains AutoLISP code used by the standard menu file, acad.mnu. The acad.mnl file is loaded each time the acad.mnu file is loaded."

You can see it can get a little compicated, there is more about how it compiles mnu files but I didnt want to post the whole thing. If you already new all of that I appologize. I know I've done tons of customization to toolbars/menus only to loose because I loaded it the wrong way.

Also, I'm not using MD but Map 5 but I think it works the same way that it uses the 2002 as the back bone of the app. So they each will have seperate menu files. I bet that md6 and md6 pp may use some simular menus they may have gotten crossed up in the crash.

Hope you get it fixed.

kgerbChief EngineerAuthor Commented:
Yes, I am familiar with the way menu files work but thanks for the review.  Here's the part I don't understand.  I removed all Autodesk products from the computer, deleted the old folders (Mech6 & MDT6) where AutoCAD had been stored, and reloaded MD.  After I had restarted I tried to open MD and the same thing happened.  The really confusing part is that the TB's and Menu's looked exactly like they did before I removed the programs.  Where is AutoCAD getting that information?  I deleted it all!  Are there registry settings or other folders that are not removed when AutoCAD is removed where AutoCAD could get old .mns files or profiles?
kgerbChief EngineerAuthor Commented:
I ended up looking in the registry to see what menufiles were loaded in MD.  Then I moved these files from their current location to a temporary folder so that AutoCAD would not find them when it opened up.  I was able to open MD without it crashing.  With MD open I was able to remove the standard AutoCAD menu and reload the others.  It seems to be working fine for now.  Thank you norrin_radd for your idea about the registry.  

hey no problem, glad you got it fixed, I know how frustrating it is being shut down because of broke software. thanks for the points
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