IMAP Legacy User login problem

Can someone give Courtney a hand, I have run out of idea's and she could use some assistance, here is the original question
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BNettles73Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Open System Manager > navigate to the server > right click and select properties > click on the diagnostics logging tab > click on IMAP4Svc and turn up logging on each to maximum ....
Try to connect with an account that is not working ... then tell me what you see in the Application Event logs ...

Understanding login strings with POP3/IMAP

Here is the KB article discussing the DS lookup error  ... it references POP but is relevant for IMAP -

Enter the logon credentials in the following format when you are connecting through POP3:

Verify that the Mailbox Alias value and the User Logon Name (Pre-Windows 2000) value match (if they do not, change them so that they do match):
In Active Directory Users and Computers, right-click the user account that you want to modify, and then click Properties.
On the Account tab, note the value in the User Logon Name (PreWindows 2000) box, which is the logon name or the samAccountName attribute.
On the Exchange General tab, note the value in the Alias box, which is the mailbox alias or the mailNickName attribute.
Note If the value in the User Logon Name (Pre-Windows 2000) box matches the value in the Mailbox Alias box, type the following logon credentials in the POP3 client:
Posting my comments on the other question ...
ColinRoydsAuthor Commented:
thx B
ColinRoydsAuthor Commented:
Thx BNettles73, IMAP is one of those thing I hardly ever have any need for so my experience is a bit lacking, so thx for helping her out.
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