How do I send Outlook form questionnaire to a user so that they can return when complete?

How do I send Outlook form questionnaire to a  user so that they can return when complete?
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Serena HsiConnect With a Mentor Marketing ConsultantCommented:
What I'd like to know is if you can send a questionnaire using Outlook, with radio buttons/dropdown menus/option boxes/etc, and broadcast it to users outside your own Exchange network?
Jared LukerCommented:
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LucretAuthor Commented:
I want to be able to send a form that has a questionnaire tab out to users who can then fill in the questionnaire and reply to send the form back to me.
At the moment when users hit reply the questionnaire is lost.

Could I get a link in the message I send that would launch a form published to a public folder?

Jared LukerCommented:
You could put the form in a public folder and then just send out a shortcut to that folder.
make the form with macromedia flash
the upload the swf to a server
then put the swf in the mail
and send it to your friends..
they will be able to see the swf, and to
answer the form
then the information will be send to an
server side code.. that can handle it
to send it back to you email o to a database
or whatever you want...
for server side code.. you must use the
one that is supported in the server:
like php, asp, jsp, etc..
if you have doubts of how to make the flash
or the php.. you can ask me. but this is
a good way to do it.
LucretAuthor Commented:
Can I purchase outlook forms anywhere?
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