Making a html page interface with an excell spreadsheet

Is there a way to make a webpage show the contence of an .XLS spreadsheet and allow
you to edit parts of it with 'forms' ?

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If you put a link to a spreadsheet on a page ad the browser recognizes the extension, it will open excell in browser space.  If it does not recognize teh file time or excell in not installed as a browser helper app, it will open a dialog to ask the user if they want to download it.

joncolbyAuthor Commented:
can people edit it and save the changes ?
would it work with both MS OFFICE and OPENOFFICE ?
Could you please clarify whether you are working on ASP. in that case i can provide a solution to do  so , the page would be opened in an Excel like enviroment on the Web Page , the page would work exactly like Excel where users can edit , add functions etc..
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Following object tag will embed a spreadsheet in a HTML page:

<object classid="CLSID:0002E510-0000-0000-C000-000000000046">
       <param name="DisplayTitleBar" value="false"></object>

You can get more info in the following page:


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Theres the answer mate!
Satish u took away my points  ........ sob !
joncolbyAuthor Commented:
What is asp and how do I use it ?
i have windows 2000 server.
Running IIS
ASP stands for Active Server pages . Now I realize you are talking about a  static HTMl Page to show Excel Sheet.
To learn more about it step by step pls visit and choose ASP.
Or take the example of satish and paste into a HTMl page under the Head Tag , should work.
Michael KrumpeSolutions ArchitectCommented:

If you havent used asp before, (but know that you will need to use it to some extent) I would suggest using AspGrid at
I've used it myself and it has all the edit and update features you are looking for. You can use the examples with your Excel file and you should be plug and go. You will see that its very extendable for you to play with and make nicer as you go, but it will also get you up and going very quickly.

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