Edit JPEG color?

I have a logo in JPG format. I would like to know if there is any way to change the color of only one portion of the JPG logo without changing anything else? Since the logo is very detailed, I cannot just use a paint type procedure and was wondering if there was any software out there that would actually show the JPEG in a bitmap? or something like that so that I can change the pixels that I need to.
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I know I am going to be attacked for this...

MicroSoft Paint

It's probably already on your computer...and will do exactly what you are asking for.

Otherwise, I would recommend the GIMP.
Hi needexpert,

In Photoshop you could use your Lasso Tool, Magic Wand, an Magnetic Lasso Tool (or a combination of the three as required) to select the are that you want to edit. Then you could use the Hue/Saturation menu option (Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation) to alter the colour of the selected area.

If you want to edit pixel by pixel  you can use the Zoom Tool in Photoshop (or zoom in using the slider in the Navigator) to get a very close view of the area to edit. Then you can use the Rectangle Tool to select only one pixel. Use the Fill option (Edit>Fill) and under Contents select Color... At this point you can select a colour from the Color Picker. Depending on how many pixels are there to edit this could be a very time consuming task, though.

Good Vibes!

hello needexpert,
as an adition to the first commentor, Fireworks from Macrmedia has an excellent paint bucket the will change just the specific color that it is click on in the bitmap or jpeg. If you zoom close enough it is quite easy.
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That's not exclusive to Fireworks.
Basically any good paint program will work for that purpose including  the ones mentioned above
if you really don't do that much photo editing Photoshop is overkill for you
as you probably just need something like paint shop pro
And there you can aslo find many good tutorials to do just what you need.
furthermore you can download a demo for 30 days  if this is the only thing you need to do
that would be a reasonable (and legal) way to go.
Rather than Paintshop I'd recommend Photoshop Elements. Adobe just announced version 3.
Weed  I did a quick check and Indeed Photoshop Elements is chepaer but
is it really better than paint shop pro?
You even have to ask?...heh. Yes, it's much better.
Never used it so I would not know you have used both?
Check it out. It's just like Photoshop but without a few of the high end niche features, and it's got a simplified interface. And its way cheap. $60 at walmart.
needexpertAuthor Commented:
I would like to thank all of you for your help. I thought I had to buy something special but I did already have something on my computer so I have split the points amonst that answers that I felt gave me the best solution.   Thank you again.
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