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I have a struts-JSP (say main.jsp) with a FORM which includes another JSP (page1.jsp) with a FORM.

I validate the page1.jsp FORM through struts-validation.xml

The problem is if i get any validation errors, i am getting only the page1.jsp with errors. I want to show the main.jsp even if there are any validation errors in page1.jsp.

As expected, if there are no errors, main.jsp is displyed.

i know how to do validation in my Form-Action but i want to use struts-validator. Can i do something with ValidatorActionForm in my Action class. If so, could you please tell me how?

Any suggestions?
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I think you will have to do your validation by code in the Action, then return the mapping to the main page no matter what...

Struts returns you to the page that caused the errors if they are detected by validation.xml (as you have seen)
ldbkuttyAuthor Commented:
Just edited my Question Tim ;-)
Whoops ;-)
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This attribute 'input' is the page to return when error detected by struts validator.
<action path="/main"

What do you mean by "Can i do something with ValidatorActionForm in my Action class. If so, could you please tell me how?"?
ldbkuttyAuthor Commented:
I mean we use 'ValidatorForm' in form-bean to override the the existing validate() method of form-beans with struts validator.

I dont know about 'ValidatorActionForm' ... Is it the similar to 'ValidatorForm', but for form-action class?
ldbkuttyAuthor Commented:
i think its not possible for my case. i went with validation in my action class. thanks for your time, though.
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