I need a stoplight graphic on a form and view

I need to add a stop light graphic to my form. Red indicates a problem based on the value of a field. Green is good and yellow indicates a possible problem. Again, the colors willed be based on a field value. Also, I need this graphic to be displayed in the view. How can I do this?
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CRAKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For the view you can use viewicon 93, 94 and 95.

In a form you could show all tree and provide eacht with a hide-when formula.
its simple.

In view column properties, enable Display as icons
and the forumla is:

and on the form,
Place the images one after the other

Use Hide whens for all the images

for the first image yourField!="choise1"
and for second yourfield!="choise2"
for 3:
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
The images to be placed on the form can be found in the Notes data directory, under domino\icons\vwicn093.gif etc.
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bobdrazAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot. You are all a great help and resource.
we are all of great help, but u never thought of splitting points.

If you still consider my answer helped you, post a question in community support with this lin to split points. its free
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Still desperate, Madheeswar? ;)
if my answer is not helped him/her, I won't bother about points. I have given in formulas, where as CRAK pointed to right direction.

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Well, I consider it this way most of the times: you win some, you lose some, better next time. I will complain only when there are more than 300 points or so and I really earned some.

Btw, is the question with that free bonus I got still not reopened? Where the user just gave me the points and that was it? I forgot the number...

See http://www.experts-exchange.com/Applications/Email/Lotus_Notes_Domino/help.jsp#hi67

The case "More than one Expert helped solve my problem." suggests splitting.

A paragraph higher up:
"If a comment posted by an Expert has answered your question, then you should select the Expert's comment as the answer to your question. In case of duplicate or similar comments, you should select the first comment posted"

Why the discussion? Why complain if there are more than 300 pt involved? Why complain now?
Sorry, disregard the two "Why complain...". Sjef mentioned the 300.

there is a difference between consider and do it now.

I never command questioner (in my history @EE) , to split points. It is upto them.

It is upto the experts to point questioner and asking them to consider.

there are lots of cases, where there will be so many repsonses with same answer, but with some explanation or briefing more about the solution.
for discussion purpose:
Just think about your answer. You just pointed to the direction. Where as, I have given the solution with code. which one is better if the questioner is not a Notes expert?

Your answer:
For the view you can use viewicon 93, 94 and 95.
In a form you could show all tree and provide eacht with a hide-when formula.

it is not viewicon, it is Column

So, in your answer it is a mistake(typo).

I have valid point to argue with the questiner.

And coming to the point, I can show lots of threads(Especially look for my responeses in threads), where there will be more than one answer. (Solution is the same).
it is not just about points CRAK. I talking about the questioner how far they understood answer. I bet, he/she used my solution and never thought of splitting.(Either mistakenly accepted or don't know concept of splitting).

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