Suddenly cannot connect to ftp server using Dreamweaver can can using other application

Yesterday, as every morning, I wanted to connect to my website ftp server. I never had anyu problem before but now dreamweaver mx and mx 2004 (that I added) won't connect to the specified folder (I'm using a shared server).

If I use GoLive CS it works and I can upload files, with exactly the same settings.

"retrieving remote folder information..."
then stops and does:

The error message says:
"An FTP error occured - Cannot get remote folder information.
Dreamweaver could not connect to the server. Please check you remote connection and try again"

I checked with my host and they are able to connect by simply using a browser, like I do.

They can't figure out what is going on.
Can anybody help me?


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Saqib KhanConnect With a Mentor Senior DeveloperCommented:
only one Folder Can not be Accessed or Entire Site?

See if it helps..
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