Attempting to install MS Office XP I get a message that says Error 1305

Attempting to install MS Office XP I get a message that says   Error 1305  I need to install this software and it is very frustrating, there is more to the message...
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Julian HansenCommented:
If the above does not work then this might work. I had some problems installing Windows XP (I know you are talking about Office) and Windows 2003 a while back. I had errors and could not complete the installation. I was told by MS that there was something wrong with my CD drive. I proved there was nothing wrong with it by putting it in another machine at which point a MS engineer told me about an error some microsoft products had with 56X CDROMS. Sure enough I put in a 32X CDROM and the installation completed perfectly. I have done more tests on this and found that every Windows 2003, Windows 2003 SBS and Windows XP cd I have used in a 56X CDROM has failed. I have not tried Office XP or Office 2003.

Just in case this is relevant.
office xp or office 2003?
woodendudeCommented:  if 2003 microsoft has this to say about it.
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woodendudeCommented:;en-us;824894&Product=offxp      here's what they say about that error for office xp.
Rob StoneCommented:
Not sure if its the same error when you have Lotus Notes installed (can't remember as its been a while) but if you have Notes installed, rename the notes.ini files to something else and then try installing Office and then rename the file back once its done.
Ive recieved the same error when trying to install xp before. Was the disk.
try another CD or CD-ROM drive.
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