Strange Russian website links appearing in IE history even though I clear history and do not visit the site

Hi, I am running Windows Xp pro with IE 6, and every day, I get the following links appear in my IE history although I have not visited the sites. If I clear my IE history, they appear again the next day.

I run AVG for virus protection, I have tried Adaware and Spyware doctor but they find nothing. I have also check running tasks and all appears to be ok. Can anyone help please?

The links are:


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good to know that your problem is solved,,
Looks like you have been infected with the webber.p virus
Check the below link

Good call!
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Try sajuks solution first,, if it did not work then please try this

Browser Hijacking/Spyware/Adware/Malware Removal instructions

Full removal and Prevention instructions are available on this  website,

go here and have it analysed.

The EE Official Link to info is,

hope this help
jazzer102Author Commented:
Hi Tried Sajuks recommendations, found the registry key and removed it, however, this crashed windowns and it would not restart, not even in safe mode, so had to use the orginal Windows XP disks and repair the Windows Install.

Machine is working ok now though and the hijack appears to have gone!


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