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Firefox doesn't recognize flash

I'm using Firefox 1.0 preview but I had the same problem with both .8 and .9

If I click on a link/image that requires flash, I get the message that Flash has to be installed.  I install it and specify all the relevant browsers and Firefox still doesn't recognize that it's there.  I tried this several times with no luck.  

I have the same problem with Mozilla 1.5, but it works fine with IE, Netscape and Opera.

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Asta CuCommented:
Unclear which verion of Flash Player and Shockwave you have; this link provides you with alternative links, by PS .... also includes uninstaller, more as well below:

Also found this as a "potential workaround" if still unresolved after the above AND the flash plugin is verified.

Asta CuCommented:

Macromedia Flash Player FAQ
Late Breaking Issues

Remove Ad and Flash blocking extensions before installing Firefox 0.9 or Mozilla 1.7
What to do if QuickTime takes over handling Flash content
Installing Flash Player

How do I install Macromedia Flash Player on Windows?
How do I install Macromedia Flash Player on Linux?
How do I install Macromedia Flash Player on MacOS?
How do I install Macromedia Flash Player on Solaris?
How do I install Macromedia Flash Player on OS/2 Warp?
General Issues

I've installed Macromedia Shockwave Player. Does this include support for Flash?
I've heard older versions of Macromedia Flash Player have security issues. What are they, and are they fixed?
Keyboard shortcuts can not be used when Macromedia Flash Player is loaded (full page)
I do not have Macromedia Flash Player installed. How can I stop Mozilla from asking to download it?
How do I selectively filter out Flash content?
Windows Issues

The Macromedia Flash Player installer doesn't list my browser!
Why doesn't the Macromedia Flash Player installer install scripting support?
Can I use Macromedia Flash Player for Internet Explorer with Mozilla?
Why does the Mozilla ActiveX Plugin conflict with Macromedia Flash Player?
How do I uninstall Macromedia Flash Player?
I didn't install Macromedia Flash Player for Mozilla, so why is it using it?
AND more below:
Asta CuCommented:
As you check that last link; this is, IMHO, a key:

Remove Ad and Flash blocking extensions before installing Firefox 0.9 or Mozilla 1.7
When you install Mozilla Firefox 0.9 or Mozilla 1.7, you may experience problems viewing Macromedia Flash content if you had a previous version of Firefox and extensions installed to block ads or Flash. Examples include AdBlock and Flash Click To View.

Before installing Firefox 0.9 or Mozilla 1.7, you should uninstall your previous version, and remove the chrome and extensions folders from your profile - but back up userChrome.css and userContent.css first if you use them.

Dedicated Flash blocking extensions will need to be updated to work with Mozilla 1.7 and Firefox 0.9 before you can use them, as the Flash blocking code tends to break between Mozilla releases.

This problem is also caused by the Flash filtering code in AdBlock, and does not appear to require the user to enable it. You will need to visit the AdBlock Project to see if there is an updated build of AdBlock that fixes this problem.
dspaceAuthor Commented:
None of these seem to answer the question, but maybe if I dig around for a while I will find an answer.  For now, I'm leaving for vacation so I'm not going to worry about it.  Thanks for the responses.

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