I am looking for the most reliable backing up solutions possible

I am looking for a backup solution for a business that will be extremely reliable, tapes unfortunatly snap and usually you don't know until it is too late. Anyone have any suggestions I would like to be able to backup at least 5 gig of data and have some room to spare. This data is extremely important.
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DVation191Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Well if you want a local system...this is what I do.

I have another server set up, with removable hard drive trays. I bought 4 decent sized hard drives and rotate them every week. I use a program called SecondCopy on the server...the program does the backups for me over the network. I let it run overnight and it works great.

I set that drive as shared too...so that I can use ntbackup on the exchange server (since you need to use something that is exchange "aware") and just have the backup saved directly to the drive. with nightly backups, and a four-drive rotation...its cheap, efficient, easy and safe.
Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Tapes are the most cost effective solution.  If the data you are backing up is extemely important, then consider multiple backup methods. Using only one leaves you open to disaster (EVERYTHING can fail, tape, CD, DVD, hard drives, etc).

*Use a RAID on the source data's drive.
*Backup to Tape
*If you are using Windows 2003, use Volume Shadow Copy - makes incremental backups automatically every so often (configurable by you)
*Backup to hard disks.  Consider that I used to handle backup with SDLT drives - 160GB capacity (I used literally hundreds of tapes and never had one break - drives went often enough, but the tape was ok).  Each tape cost ~$85.  I just bought an ATA hard drive at Microcenter for $90.  Hard drive definitely has an edge for restoring things and keeping things accessible.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
and of course, run the backup twice on two tapes. (get a second drive and run it there too - protects against one drive failing and not being able to restore as well as one drive failing and missing the automated backups.
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most reliable, huh? how about backing up data to the inside of a mountain?
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georgopanosAuthor Commented:
No this is for a friend who is a backup freek, he has a business and wants to implement a local backup system that uses some type of media that will be reliable and obviously somewhat cost effective. He is not really happy with tape backups he has had bad experiences with it. I like the idea of a linux box but it is not a removble media device it is on an HD. The OS is XP Pro so it has to be a windows based system. I definetly like your thoughts, I even wondered about checking out maybe doing it by DVD if he bought the DVD's by a spool cheap enough and archiving them for two months and then tossing them.
External USB 2.0 enclosures are fairly cheap these days: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=17-146-308&depa=0

Put a hard disk in there and you have removable backup, in the size most affordable.
why not use a rev drive? Fast, reliable, portable and easy to use. Look here :

yea thats true...they only reason my solution works so well is because i collect backups from more than one machine...bringing the usb hard drive over to each machine to be backed up would be a pain.

of course if you only have ONE pc to back up...then why not
Right !
In response to nobus' entry.  I have always used tape drives(travan) for backing up and have always had problems with faulty tapes and bad drives.  The last system that I setup a backup on I used a rev drive instead.  Two days after the installation the customer called me with a corrupted database.  I walked the customer through restoring the database over the telephone, it only took 5 minutes from start to finish,  this is something that would be entirely impossible with a tape backup system.  I set the system up with 5 tapes to rotate every day of the week, the system has been in place for 9 months and I have not had a callback due to the backup not functioning properly.  I have my clients save their logs and email them to me on a weekly basis for me to view and archive.  Normally i have problems with tape backup system about once a quarter.  I personally use a tape backup at my office but will be changing over to a rev drive very soon.  
Well, i am not selling or advertising iomega products, but i have a great satisfaction over their products and service.
Glad to hear you think the same !

Have a nice day


I am interested in a backup solution similar to that you have setup.

I was wondering if you could explain in more detail. What server os are you using in the backup computer? what software are you using to backup
what kind of hardware are you using for the removable harddrives?
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