Microsoft Application Blocks - Where can I find the AccessHelper.vb?

I just found out about this new class Microsoft is providing and it seems like a great idea. I know it was the building blocks for the DAL in DotNetNuke but their implementation is specific for DNN.

My question is where can I find an official ACCESS or OLEdb version of the SQLHelper.vb provided with the Microsoft Application Blocks Samples?

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ihenryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Nope, it's meant only for SQL Server database. If you want DAL that supports multiple database providers get the DAAB version 3.
    Data Access Application Blocks version 3
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
Is such a thing exist?
mdamicoConnect With a Mentor Commented:

There is an OleDB version of the data access layer included with the Nile 3.0 sample application.  I have used this against access without any issues so far.
brian2k1Author Commented:
Thanks for the great posts. I'm looking into both suggestions and will most likely split the points if that is acceptable with both jhenry (300) and mdamico (200).
brian2k1Author Commented:
Also for anyone who might ready this thread there is an AccessHelper.vb and OleDBHelper.vb module in the DotNetNuke project

\\DotNetNuke\Providers\DataProviders\AccessDataProvider\AccessHelper for more information.

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