popup window from .ascx file

please help me create a popup window from a .ascx file. I'm unsure how to do this since the file does not have <head> tags to put my javascript in. the popup window is html and i need it to be small and without toolbars. is it possible to put code in the html file to get this done?
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YZlatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
or you could put your javascript on the page that will include your ascx file but the best way (so you don't get confused later on) it's better to just add <script language="javascript"> </script> tags to your ascx page. You don't need to have <head>
put javascript there by adding <script language="javascript"> </script> tags
coletteck8Author Commented:
so i can put the <script language = "javascript"> anywhere on the page?
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darksinclairConnect With a Mentor Commented:
coletteck8 : a <SCRIPT> tag and </SCRIPT> tag are independant of any other tags.. Ie : they can be on any page regardless of what else is there.  so Yes you can pug a <SCIRPT language="javascript"> anywhere on the page even if you do not have a <HEAD> or <BODY> or anything else.

yeah, anywhere
aprestoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try this site:


its a cheap way out but it genarates the pop up code for you - all you have to do is specify the width and height and some other properties and BAM, its yours, also try this one out if u get no joy with that one:

www.accessify.com/tools-and-wizards/ pop-up-window-generator.asp


coletteck8Author Commented:
thanks everybody for all your help. i got it working!
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