combobox selection

im assuming this is a really easy question, but when my form loads, i have multiple comboboxs' that appear to be selected. (The text within them that is).....and i cant figure out how to unselect them

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Fahad MukhtarConnect With a Mentor Distinguished EngineerCommented:
Combobox1.SelectionStart = 0
Combobox1.SelectedIndex = -1
bramsquadAuthor Commented:
let me rephrase,

i want the item selected, just not the text...

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bramsquadAuthor Commented:

sortof, but ill give you some since you put me on the right track

heres what you want

Combobox1.SelectionStart = Combobox1.Text.Length

Fahad MukhtarDistinguished EngineerCommented:
>>>i want the item selected, just not the text...

what does that mean then?

btw thanks for the C grade, Most of the peoples here dont like to answer the questions of ppls who have Cs and Bs in their question history
bramsquadAuthor Commented:
i use "c" grades sparingly, take a look at my profile.

anyways, the first answer gave no selection in the combo box.  (it was blank, no item at all)

your answer gave me the item i wanted, but the text within the combobox was selected (which is what i was asking how not to do)

the reason your code doesnt work, is it selects the text as position zero.  mine selects the text at the last position, or so to speak, leaves it unselected.  

you didnt provide me with a thourough answer, thats why i gave you a "c"


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