Removing AD domain controller

I have an Active Directory forest with a parent domain and a number of child domains.  This forest was originally built with Windows 2000, and I have upgraded most everything to 2003 now.  I want to shut down the original server that created the forest now.  I know how to remove AD from a server and all that, but is there anything else special that needs to be done to prepare this thing since it is the original domain controller in my forest?
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scottman29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
yes!  you need to transfer any of the FSMO roles over to another Domain controller before you remove this from the domain.

make sure you backup your systemstates on the machines you'll be working with.

good luck,
neisnerAuthor Commented:
Perfect!  Thank you sir...
just be careful.. I have to do the same thing in about 2 months... so I 've been studying it... read up on using the recovery console and AD recovery just incase...

Good luck!
neisnerAuthor Commented:
thanks...  I've been working on upgrading from 2000 to 2003 since February, and it has gone surprisingly smooth (knock on wood)...  this is the last mountain I have to climb...

good luck as well!
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