Using 2 profiles at the same time


I have two profiles set up in Outlook.

Profile 1:  Personal E-mail
Profile 2:  Other e-mail

Both point to different PST files.

My problem, is that I have to continuously close out of Outlook, just to reopen my other profile.  Is it possible that I can have 2 profiles open at the same time?  I know I can have both e-mails poured into one thing of Outlook, but that only creates problems for myself in the long run.

So is it possible to do what I want?  If so, how?

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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried this ?

First from the  Control Panel --> Mail ---> show  Profiles , make sure that Prompt me for which profile to use is enabled
Then try start ----> run ---> outlook.exe and press Enter. Choose first profile
Then try start ----> run ---> outlook.exe and press Enter and choose second profile.

I am not sure if this would work , If not I donot think there could be any other way and hence the answer would become NO ..
xp310Author Commented:
I don't know if this will matter, but I use Outlook 2003.
If you put both email accounts on one profile, you can write a rule to move email from only one account to another folder like "Inbox2"  when they arrive in your default inbox.  
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xp310Author Commented:
Right.  I've done that before but that's the route that'll create problems for myself.  
xp310Author Commented:

I tried it & it does open up two instances of Outlook, but both of them use the same profile unfortunatly.  I had a feeling what I wanted wasn't possible.

Thanks for the help...
What happens if you do what Sunray suggests but specify the profile to open each time.

open outlook using a command line switch:

outlook/profile profilename1
outlook/profile profilename2

Never did it, but might be worth a try
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