LPT1 printer port disables itself and must be reenabled once a week.

We have a client who has a locla printer and uses XP pro.   About once a week we must reenable the LPT1 port.
Does anyone know why this would disable by itself?  

Thanks for any input.
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Blue_RishiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What are the bios settings for the port: Standard, ECP, EPP, ECP+EPP? Try standard setting first, unless the extra speed or bidirectional communication is really needed. There should be an option to set the irq and DMA channel used by the port. Soundcards and other devices typically try to share the irq 7, so it could be a shared irq thing...are there any other devices that use irq 7? (in windows, devicemanager, view by resources)

Blue Rishi
TargetuserAuthor Commented:
Also We use Dell boxes GX150, GX270and GX260
It doesn't disable itself, there's more to it IMHO.

One problem some people have is not dissimilar to sharing IRQ (which should not be problem here) and that is that they'll connect some kind of other device on the system and that is when things go bonkers, possibly USB but more often one that 'claims' to successfully share the LPT port.  This can be some fax or more often an OCR device, also for printing, but they don't share as well as advertised.

I do not understand "reenable port" - just what is that?  The answer probably indicates the problem.  Most people would reboot, what do you do?
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oh, quick addon, it include remote control software on the list of suspects.
Jared LukerCommented:
You don't run VMWare or any other kind of virtual machine software do you?
upgrade your operating system with latese service pack after this your problem will be solved.
Right-click My Computer, click Manage and then Device Manager ( or simply the WINKEY + Pause > Hardware > Device Manager  )

More info on how to access Device Manager in Windows XP Click on the Link

Let me know if there are any Exclamatory Bangs ( ! ) on any of the Devices. The Bang indicates a possible Driver incompatibility or IRQ Conflict. Eitherway Try

Click the (+) sign on Ports (COM and LPT)

Highlight each COM or LPT port and click Remove.

Then Restart the Computer.

Go to Device Manager and Check everything is back and normal.

Also it is very important to have the chipset drivers installed that is is provided in the DELL RESOURCE CD. Install the Intel Chipset Drivers as well.

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