Trying to get so cisco console port through cisco AUX port

I have a Cisco 1700 AUX port connected to a cisco 3620 console port via a cisco console cable, I am able to telnet to the 1700 with no problems, but I am trying to get to the 3620 which is offline. How can i telnet to the 1700 AUX port which is connected to the 3620 console?
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Don JohnstonConnect With a Mentor InstructorCommented:
On the 1700, do the following:

Router# config t
Router(config)# ip host 3620 2001
Router(config)# interface loopback0
Router(config-if)# ip address
Router(config-if)# line aux 0
Router(config-line)# trans input all
Router(config-line)# no exec
Router(config-line)# end

Then just type "3620". You may have to clear the aux line if you get an error message.

Router# clear line 01
[confirm] <enter>
(repeat three times)

You don't have to create the loopback interface. Just substitute any ip address on a working interface.

Rich27Author Commented:
what do you mean type 3620?
where do i type 3620? when im telneting to the 1700 or when im in the 1700
When you are on the 1700, you type "3620" and press enter (without the " on either side of 3620). This will reverse telnet to your 3620 that is connected to the aux port of your 1700.

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