Out of Office reply not working for one (possibly more) client machine on Exchange 2000

Hey all. My client is running Exchange 2000. I turned on the option in System Manager to send out of office replys to the internet. I checked a couple accounts and it worked for them. However there is one account that it is not working for. I went to her client station and checked to see if her assistant was turned on - it was. No errors came up or anything.

What could be the problem here? I also noticed that if I sent another email to one of the addresses that worked, it did not reply again with an out of office - does it only reply once?

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jmhquestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes. The Out of Office Assistant keeps track of who it has sent messages to and only sends the reply once.  This help prevent circular responses between two mailboxes that each have their OOA turned on.  Have the user with the issue turn the OOA off and then re-enable it.  Try sending an e-mail to her again.  You should get an automated reply.

CyberianPrimeAuthor Commented:
Gee what do ya know. The easiest possible solutions worked. That's a first for me!! Thanks.
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