How to force all workstations in a domain to use 'use proxy settings' on their web browser setting

Hi All,
how to force all workstations in a domain to use 'use proxy settings' on their web browser setting ?
so that everything goes in and out the ISA 2000 server.
we use ISA 2000 server with SP1 installed on W2K server SP3 installed.

help please...

IT Dept
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Yan_westConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh, you could do it with NT4 policies then.. That'S very very far in my memory :)

here is a policy to setup the proxy server.. since nt 4 is old, the policy is for ie 5.5

Try it anways..

there's lots of other policy templates on there, check it out:
You do it via your domain group policy..

Open active directory users and computers, Right click on your domain, click on the group policy tab. Click on the domain policy and click edit. After, click on User Settings -> Windows Settings -> Internet Explorer Maintenance ->
Connection -> Proxy Settings

Proxy servers can also be set by DHCP. It is Option 252.
livingstoneitdeptAuthor Commented:
we are still on NT domain, not using AD yet.
How do we do this ?

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Check this link, the awnser is there :)
you could put merge this registry key via your login script on each PC, and the proxy setting would set itself at each reboot.

regedit -s  name.reg

this will merge the registry file and replace the old value with the new...  it will not ask for confirmation if you add the -s switch..
sorry, it'S /s

livingstoneitdeptAuthor Commented:
our users login to terminal servers (which have static IP addresses).
how to force all terminal sessions (Citrix sessions) to use Proxy setting ?

IT dept
there is also one for IE 6, don't know if you can set your proxy with this:

Sorry, can't test it out for you, My domain is 100% 2000 + XP.
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