Computer Crash - No Access to Hard drive?

Hello all, I am hoping someone will be able to help me out here.

I'm currently operating on a HP model 7935 (I think, not sure about the model number as I'm not at the computer). OS is Win XP Home Edt.

Four times now it has crashed on me, I believe the OS boot file are being corrupted and as a result, I get a loud clickity clicking from the hard drive and when booting it comes up "OS not found" on a black screen. In the past, I have ended up reformatting the drive with the HP System restore Disk. This time I hesitated, and when I finally decided that, yes, the only solution was going to be to reformat again, I inserted the Sys. Restore disk and to my horror was greeted with a "No hard disk drive found, unable to restore". It now repeated gives me the "No Hard Disk found" error upon boot-up.

I tried an older boot disk I had made after one of the other crashes but to no avail.

Would anybody know how I can access the hard drive to reformat? Or is there an even better solution?

Any help/suggestions will be MUCH appreciated!

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max_maxxamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
                        Clicking sounds are generally the result of bad heads being unable to calibrate with the media servo tracks, which makes the drive keep resetting. A grinding sound is usually the result of a head crash. As one of the more wosre scenarios, if not turned off, will cause unrecoverable damage.
                        Before going for further troubleshooting steps, think twice about the data you have in your hard drive. If you have any important data in your hard drive, first go for data back-up.
                        Don't bang on the drive or leave it running. Don't run software on it. Definitely don't put it in the freezer! (We hear people doing this all the time.) The drive should be turned off at the first sign of can noise.
                       Trust your data to a professional company such as Total Recall that has the proven experience to get your data back safely in a clean environment.
                       The Backup utility in Windows XP Professional helps you protect your data in the event your hard disk fails or files are accidentally erased due to hardware or storage media failure. By using Backup you can create a duplicate copy of all of the data on your hard disk and then archive it on another storage device, such as a hard disk or a tape.
                        If the original data on your hard disk is accidentally erased or overwritten, or becomes inaccessible because of a hard–disk malfunction, you can easily restore it from the disk or archived copy by using the Restore or Automated System Recovery Wizards.

" In no way can you troubleshoot your hard drive.......... the only option you have is to back-up your data(if possible) and get a new hard drive.
>> I get a loud clickity clicking from the hard drive

That means ur Hard drive is Dead.... go get a New one !!

If u want u can still Run some Diagnostic tools to verify if u can do anything with this drive or not,,, but chances are NO im afraid =\

Fujitsu >>
IBM and Hitachi >>
Maxtor/Quantum >>
Samsung >>
Seagate >>
Western Digital >> >>

I agree with SheharyaarSaahil, the clicking sound usually means it's dead.  But to be sure, check the round ide cable, make sure that it's secure or in all of the way, or try another cable.

By the way, how long have you had this computer?
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tosh9iiiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check to see if the warranty is still valid on that drive, maybe you can get a replacement.
ziffgoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for your input. I believe Max is correct here and I am religated to getting a new drive. Bummer.

Unfortunately Max, I'm on Home Edition, so XP's backup utility was not available to me. I do however have most of my software backed up on CD, so that helps a bit.

Anyway, thanks again.

hmmmmmm and was it max who told at very first spot, that " That means ur Hard drive is Dead.... go get a New one !! "
im disappointed to see that u ignore those experts,,, who tried to help u at very first moment =\
ziffgoneAuthor Commented:
Hi SheharyaarSaahil, I didn't ignore anything. Max just so happened to include a much more indepth and enlightening answer. I could not see how the links you gave me for diagnostics could possibly help, given that I have ZERO access to my hard drive or the Internet from my own computer. So I did not see the validity of your answer. Sorry, but thems the breaks.

I find it immature when ever experts on this site complain about not receiving the points without further expressing why they may deserve them. To give a relatively vague answer and expect great recognition for such is in poor taste.

To be a true Expert here, it is wise to always offer knowledge, as this is what most here are seeking.

Hello ziffgone =)

well when u said u can hear the clicking sound from hard drive, the very first thought that came to my mind was a failing hard drive,,,,,, and that i told u,,,, i didn't know that i had to explain the whole procedure of a failing drive also... !!
U are an IT related person,,,, being on EE,,, ur approach abt computers can be more better than the usual people come here asking for help..... but that i cudn't guess at that time, now i can coz i have read ur profile :)

I tried to give a very to-the-point suggestion,,,,, that hard drive is failed, u need to buy another !!
now u didn't like the way i told, coz u are a person who likes to look into details and facts..... but if u will think,,,, in the end u did the same thing which i said, means u got the new drive becoz ur hard drive failed !!
And I asked u to download and run those utilities, just to verify what they report... those tools run from floppy via DOS,,,, u cud download them from the system u were using EE.... !!

And plzz dont think this matter as POINTS.... matter is not abt points,,, matter is abt credit,,, when u help someone, or shud i say "try" to help someone,,,, in return u wish for the credit, now its a coincidence that EE system is based upon points,,,,, so we get points as our Credit,,,,, believe me if it wub be based upon Sweets, u wud find me asking, Why didn't u give me the sweets..... coz really its doesn't matter whether they are points, they are sweets or anything else,,,, the thing which matter is just the Credit, a thank you from asker and a mail with Good in its heading !!  :)

But if u still think that i was of not any help to u, then Im sorry for my "vague and poor" suggestion,,,,, i promise, u will never find me bugging u again in ur questions !!
ziffgoneAuthor Commented:
Hi Shehar, I thank you for your comment. As for bugging me, you can bug me with possible soluions to my questions anytime, I am sure you would be able to help in many ways. I have no doubt that if there was another optio for me, you would have mentioned it.

As far as downloading the utilities you suggested from the system I was using goes, it could not be done, I was using the 24 hour Coin Operated computer at the local employment center, this computer does not allow any floppy drive access, nor even a printer. So, alas, I could not use the utilities you suggested.

As far as suggesting you were merely after the points, I apologize, it just seems to happen quite often that some here are points seekers and not true seekers of knowledge.

Anyway, I will be happy to have you contribute your solutions to any other questions I may have.

Thank you for your contribution to this question.

im happy u understood which i tried to explain :)
no need to apologize.... when we work in a community we come across such situations many times..... time to move to the new problems =)

Cheers ^_^
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