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Posted on 2004-09-16
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Last Modified: 2013-12-18
I have 1 user that is having an issue with webmail.  When she logs in she gets the following error:

"iNotes warning, Sorry, we were unable to process your request at this time.  If you are unable to continue working in your mail file, please dismiss this warning and then select View, Refresh from your browser's menu."

I have done the following:
Backed up the database
Refreshed database design
Replaced database design (with iNotes6.ntf and then iNotes7.ntf templates)
Rebuilt the database
Deleted and recreated the account
Copied all messages into the new database
Ran fixup on the file
Ran updall -R on the file
Restarted the Web service
Restarted the server

She is the only user that has this issue.  One thing that seems odd, is it only happens with something in her inbox.  If I delete all messages in her inbox, it does not give the error.  I have tried other user accounts and have not gotten the error message with them.  I was thinking it was a bad e-mail message, but even with a test message, sent by Admin, it causes the same error.  I have tested it from my computer, with her account, and get the same error.  Any Ideas?  Thanks, once again.

Server is running OS/400 V5R1M0 with Lotus R6.0.1 CF1.  
Question by:aszumilo
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ID: 12080631
Did you try clearing the web browser cache etc? It may also be a browser issue. Just try restoring the settings to original.

You may also try downloading and using Netscape JVM, if the problem seems to be with the browser.
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ID: 12081497
this user should have admin rights to the PC.

And check the ACl of the user. they should have Designer.
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ID: 12081506
Check this URL. this warning msg may replate to any of them. this URL is a search result.
But it will help.
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ID: 12081673
We have a lot of these errors (WHERE did you get iNotes7.ntf , btw , and why are you using it (it's beta!)????), especially on IE5.5 (but also on IE6 and Mozilla)

Now in 6.5.2 (server), it's a lot better - hardly any errors anymore !  So if you can, upgrade to 6.5.2 (and don't use iNotes7.ntf - it's beta !!!)

The browser cache suggestions are valid, but don't always help in my experience.  It seems that IE doesn't really clear it's cache if you tell it to do so ...

Madheeswar is not correct, the user needs Editor access (if he needs to use Out of Office), and he doesn't need Admin rights on his pc (although this makes it easier to let the user help himself)



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ID: 12081674
Or 6.0.4, which should have the same iNotes version, but I haven't tried it myself !
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ID: 12081690
You may be correct. In my previous company, users are getting the same message. They have manager access to mail db.

When they opened iNotes from my PC, they did not had this message. I have admin rights to my PC.
But for other who are facing this msg, they don't have admin rights to there PC.

My environement is same as others. Just rights to the PC is different.

And I can tell when the msg appeared. it is while giving new Mail msg popup.

Am I missing anything or I am totally mistaken/assumed a wrong answer as correct?

This is how Experts like you help us improve our stupid knowledge.

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ID: 12081788
If you don't have admin rights on your pc, it may be difficult to see if someone installed stuff wrong.  

What can cause troubles is:
- ActiveX not allowed, and user can't install ActiveX components : this will cause an error.  Administrators should allow this for specific websites, or should install the ActiveX components on every pc.  Other solution is to stop using ActiveX (server setting for iNotes)
- Wrong proxy settings/incomplete security settings on the webbrowser

There is a notes.ini setting that is supposed to stop iNotes from intercepting all javascript errors, so you can see what is actually wrong (see www.drcc.com)

Now I don't think in this case, those are the problem, because it only sometimes happens on 1 pc.


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ID: 12081804
Ok TOM. Thanks for the response.

In our Domino TA, who are the persons located in US? I need some help from them. I already asked Hemath and Partha.
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ID: 12084315
There are lots of times I have seen people reporting errors about inotes.. Few points to check

1.Check for any special characters in the database title or folder names in the db.

2.It might also be related to corruption .. one way to fix the corruption is to run fixup -F

3.File naming problem (8.3 always works and no special chars)


Author Comment

ID: 12086724
OK, I am going to try some of these suggestions, but let me clarify a couple of things.

The error occurs from any PC, even mine, with full admin rights.
I used iNotes7.ntf, just to try it (I downloaded the admin client from IBM's site).
User has admin rights to her PC.
User is a manager on her database.
She is the only one in the company having this issue.

I am going to try some suggestions and see what happens.  Thanks for the input.

Author Comment

ID: 12107007
OK, I think I found the problem, now how to fix it?

What I found was a few e-mails were causing this problem.  With the users mailfile open and also having the iNotes client open to her file, I removed all messages from her inbox and checked the iNotes.  It opened with no errors.  I then put each e-mail back, 1 at a time and checked the iNotes client.  When I got an e-mail that caused the error, I would simply move it to another folder.  She can still read the e-mails in her regular Lotus client, just not her iNotes client.  Seems to work, for now.  Question is how can I repair these e-mails?  I believe it has something to do with the UID (?), is this proper thinking, or am I off in my thinking?

Thanks again.  
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Expert Comment

ID: 12112764
What is with uid ?

Run fixup as I mentioned in the step 2

Author Comment

ID: 12116730
Fixup did not fix anything, as I still receicve the error.  Not sure what UID is, someone mentioned it and I was wondering if it was accurate, hence the (?) after it.  

Author Comment

ID: 12148348
Found out what was causing the problem and thought I would share the solution.

The problem was caused by a "Send Copy To" rule, in the user's mail.
The problem is caused when the DisplayCopyTo_Icon field is set to a value of "1".
The issue occurs with the iNotes5.ntf and iNotes60.ntf mail templates.
The issue was resolved in Domino 6.0.2 and higher using the iNotes6.ntf mail template.

Mail rules are a feature of Notes Client. While some mail rules may function properly in iNotes Web Access,
they are not designed for use in iNotes Web Access and are not a native feature.
Problems such as the one stated in this technote regarding the 'Send Copy To' mail rule may occur.

The 'Send Copy To' mail rule populates the DisplayCopyTo_Icon field with a value of "1".
To fix the documents that have been affected by the mail rule,
run an agent to either remove the field from the document, or change the value to "".

FIELD DisplayCopyTo_Icon := @DeleteField;
FIELD DisplayCopyTo_Icon := "";

To identify the documents to be fixed (that is, the documents that the rule acted on),
one option is to isolate them by creating a view which uses a selection formula to populate
it only with documents that contain the field above (for example, @IsAvailable(DisplayCopyTo_Icon)).

I created the agent and set it to check all messages,then ran it against the database and tested it.  
Everything worked fine.  I then set the agent to check all new messages, tp prevent this error in the future.
It has been running for a few hours now and no problems.  

To create the agent, for anyone with as little knowledge as me, I'll list the steps I used:

You need to have Designer installed on the computer you are working from.
Open the users database
Click "Create"
Click "Agent"
Designer should open.
In the Name Box, I type "ChangeDisplayIcon"
In the Comments Box, I typed the formula - FIELD DisplayCopyTo_Icon := "";
In the Runtime area, set "trigger" to "on Event"
Set "Action Menu Selection"
Set "All Documents in Database"
Then close the box.
In the Agent : Action View, set the run action to "Formula"
In the Action field, copy and paste the Formula - FIELD DisplayCopyTo_Icon := "";
Save the agent.
In the user's database, click "Actions", then click the agent name, you created.
Once it is done, open the designer
Open the agent
Change the Runtime settings to "After new mail arrives"
Close and save.

While none of the answers were correct for the most part, I do appreciate everyones input.

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