Slow Web Server

I am running Apache Web Server.  I have 384 kbps upload (tested at  
When I ftp to the server, upload speeds are terrible!!
For a 692 KB picture, it takes about 20 minutes to upload.
My calculation is it should take (692*8)/384 =~ 15 seconds to upload.

Once the picture is up and I put it on a web page. When I browse to that web page
it takes the same picture about 10 minutes to download.  At my download speed
is 2062 kbps.

Any idea what could be going on here?
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hello joe
will post a comment again but I think the following links wud be a good starting point
Bon weekend
Infact theres a good article on apache performance tuning from IBM developrworks , you need to register yourself there the link is
another url worth looking at is
Dear Periwinkle
the author should reply. He failed to come back.
The points should be awareded . those links give a good idea about apache performance .
thank you
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