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Status bar and Panel color.....

Hi all,
         I need to change the color of a panel of Status bar according to some conditions......I couldnot find a Backcolor property for a Status Bar.......I tried to insert a label control on the Panel so that its backcolor can be changed.....But the Label is shown always behind the Status Bar which is undesirable for me........

Can someone suggest a free Status Bar that has this property of letting to change the color of individual Panel?
or some workaround this ? Using a picture box over the Control Panel is one option but I couldnot draw it on the Status bar perfectly so that text is aligned and the user doesnot know that a Picture Box is drawn on the Status bar.........

Imran Arshad

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4 Solutions
Try something like this since there is no property to change the back color of the Status Bar:

Public Sub DrawProgressBar(ObjTarget As Object, ByVal sngP As Single, ByVal lngColor As Long)
    Dim w As Long
    Dim h As Long
    Dim pic As PictureBox
    On Error GoTo ErrorProc
    Set pic = ObjTarget                                         'Picture Box以外はエラーとなる
    w = ObjTarget.Width                                         'PictureBox幅
    h = ObjTarget.Height                        '
    If sngP > 0 Then
        ObjTarget.Line (0, 0)-(w * (sngP / 100), h), lngColor, BF
    End If
End Sub

And call it like this -

Private Sub Command6_Click()
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim LowerLimit As Integer
    Dim UpperLimit As Integer
    LowerLimit = 0
    UpperLimit = 100
    For i = LowerLimit To UpperLimit
        Call DrawProgressBar(Picture1, i, vbRed)
End Sub

I hope it will help you.
Do not consider the comments!
This will set forecolor for the status bar

'to module
Option Explicit

Private Const WM_USER = &H400
Private Const CCM_FIRST       As Long = &H2000&
Private Const CCM_SETBKCOLOR  As Long = (CCM_FIRST + 1)

'set progressbar backcolor in IE3 or later

Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32" _
   Alias "SendMessageA" _
  (ByVal hwnd As Long, _
   ByVal wMsg As Long, _
   ByVal wParam As Long, _
   lParam As Any) As Long

Public Sub SetPBackColor(ByVal hwnd As Long, Optional ByVal color As Long = vbWhite)
    Call SendMessage(hwnd, PBM_SETBKCOLOR, 0&, ByVal color)
End Sub

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    SetPBackColor StatusBar1.hwnd, vbRed
End Sub
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You can insert picture box in panel


imarshadAuthor Commented:
>>This will set forecolor for the status bar

Yes it does but not for individual Panels? Lets say I want color of Panel1 to be green for some condition and Red for some other?

>>You can insert picture box in panel

Yes this is what I am doing.......But one problem that I am facing is that I am displaying a countdown timer on the StatusBar.........When I use a picture box and call the following code in  a loop of 1 sec.
pic1.print "Next Synchronization after " & CountDownTimer

the next messge is displayed in a new line on the picture box......While I need the next message to be exactly at the same place where the first is present..... i.e

on the Picture Box it is displaying

Next Synchronization after 00:00:10
Next Synchronization after 00:00:09
Next Synchronization after 00:00:08

while I need the next message to be displayed on the same line so that it overwrites the previous message

Imran Arshad

imarshadAuthor Commented:

Same problem with your code...... i.e I cant write text properly......

Imran Arshad
pic1.print "Next Synchronization after " & CountDownTimer
imarshadAuthor Commented:

Thanks....It is working now....Only one small point left......How to align the text of Picture Box to that of Status bar.... i.e I am using picture Box in only one panel and all the other panels are the default panels......But the text for both of them is not aligned ..... How to achieve this......?
you should use sthg like this

Picture1.CurrentX = 100
Picture1.CurrentY = 100
Picture1.Print "aha"

calculate CurrentX and CurrentY according to your needs
imarshadAuthor Commented:
OK thanks all is working fine now.......
also Thanks for your prompt responses

Imran Arshad

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