Blazix server System.out.print("Hello World")

I'm new to jsp and just downloaded Blazix at home. Tried to print output using System.out.print("Hello World") but doesn't print....I thought maybe because I'm running on a server it would be placed in a log somewhere.....but where?

Thanks in advance.....

newbee here
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MogalManicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are starting the server from unix you can use the nohup command:
   nohup java... &

If you are starting from Windows, then (according to the docs...) you can specify the following options:
-noconsole or /noconsole
    This stops output going to the standard output.  The output still goes
    to the log file. This option should be used for improved performance.
-log or /log
    This is followed by a "base" name for the log file.  Default is "weblog".
surfsista9Author Commented:
For some reason, the messages never get displayed on the console...just the log.
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