Creeping Mouse Syndrome (CMS) Windows XP SP2 (XPSP2)

After loading Service Pack 2 (XPSP2) the mouse cursor will at random start to scroll off the screen when there is no mouse activity.  This has appeared to occur on multiple systems with different hardware (both mouse and computer).  It seems to occur most often with an optical mouse, though my sample size is not large enough to pinpoint specific hardware interactions.  (We actually assumed that a mouse that was working was no longer working and switched the hardware only to have the problem re-occur!).  Has anyone found a solution to this issue other than uninstalling SP2?
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I would check for an updated driver OR call MS free of charge and ask them if there is a hotfix available.

You could also try removing the device from device manager, rebooting, then plugging the device back in and redetecting after you verify you have the latest drivers.
Jared LukerCommented:
Are the mouse Logitech?
EvanHollanderAuthor Commented:
It seems to happen most frequently with logitech mice.  However it does not appear to only occur with logitech mice, I have a kensington portable mouse and it happens, though not as frequently with that one as well.  

From what I have seen Microsoft does not acknowledge this problem as yet.  However it only seems to occur after SP2 is installed.  There are no new drivers available for the logitech mice that appear to fix this issue.
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Jared LukerCommented:
have you tried completely uninstalling mouseware to see if that helps?
EvanHollanderAuthor Commented:
I never installed the logitech driver.  This is using the built in driver from Microsoft (I don't use any of the fancy extra features).  Keep in mind that 3 other people that I work with are experiencing the same problem, using different hardware.  This only occurs as a result of installing SP2
pegasysIT, System Admin, Development and Stack DevelopmentCommented:
Press control, alt and delete. Wait for task manager to open, click on processes and see which process is taking up the most processortime, and/or memory.


Is the surface the mouse on a nice shiny surface?

Optical mice HATE shiny surfaces, they have epileptic fits try shoving a nice distrinctive surface under the mouse, or even trying a non optical one...

Optical mice work by reading the difference in the surface texture, if it's struggling to read the surface it gets confused..
EvanHollanderAuthor Commented:
With respect to the last two comments, this is not an issue of some process taking up more time, and the surface the mouse is on has not changed.  The symptoms of this issue started only after loading SP2 on what was an already stable platform.  The mouse worked fine previously, but now slowly creeps off the screen intermittently when you stop moving it.  The problem is exhibted on the computers of 3 other people that I work with.  Some have the same hardware some different.  Some are laptops some are desktops.  No external mouse driver was ever loaded.
I have a similar problem with my Logitech mouse, and thought it was a software problem...

only later to find it was a coincidence and the mouse had a very small 'dot' of dirt on its lens thing underneath (you could hardly even see it), and after a good scrub it works fine. It was on the bit where the light shines from, rather than anything near the base of the mouse.
EvanHollanderAuthor Commented:
Nope, not dirt either, everyone that I know of that has experienced this has clean their mouse.  The work surface has not changed either, just the addition of Service Pack 2
Try turning off 'pointer precision' in the control pannel.

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