Word 2003 Slow Opening Large File

I have a 65mb Word document (just over 1000 pages). On my Dell Laptop (2.4gz, 768mb RAM) it repaginates most of the time in about 4 minutes. On two HP Desktop systems (2.7ghz, 1gb ram) the file takes 20-30 minutes to repaginates. What options are available for trying to open this document faster?
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jaycaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Just for the record here are some of Word Limits

Operating parameter Limit

Number of open windows Limited only by available memory

Maximum file size 32 megabytes (See Note 1)

Number of words in custom
dictionaries 5,000 (See Note 2)

Maximum custom dictionary
file size 65,593 bytes (See Note 2)

Length of bookmark names 40 characters

Number of bookmarks
per document 16,379

Length of AutoText entry
names (including spaces) 32 characters

Number of AutoText entries Limited by template file size
per document template and/or available memory

Number of global AutoText Limited by template file size
entries and/or available memory

Length of style names 255 characters

Number of styles per document
or template 10,000

Number of fields per document 32,000

Number of general switches
in a field 10

Number of field-specific
switches in a field 10

Number of nesting levels
for fields 20

Number of subdocuments
in a master document 255

Number of columns in a table 63

Number of newspaper columns 45 (number of columns is
affected by page size and margin

Number of tab stops set
in a paragraph 64

Minimum page height 0.1 inch

Maximum number of cascading
style sheets linked together 11

Maximum page height 22 inches

Minimum page width 0.1 inch

Maximum page width and
table width 22 inches

Number of custom toolbars Limited only by available memory

Number of custom toolbar buttons Limited only by available memory

Number of characters per line 768

Minimum font size 1 point

Maximum font size 1,638 point (22 inches)

Number of fonts per document 32,767

Amount of space between
characters 1,584 point

Distance text can be raised
or lowered 1,584 point

Maximum number of colors in
color palette 256

Default cache size 64 kilobytes (KB)

Default bitmap cache
(bitmap memory) 1 MB
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Make the document smaller.
I guarantee it can be made smaller.
You wouldn't happen to have a place to which you could upload it?
Anne TroyConnect With a Mentor East Coast ManagerCommented:
Sorry. LOL.
Start with a copy of your file.
Cut each picture and Edit-Paste special-As a picture (JPG if avail).
Re-check the size after you've done a few of these.

1,000 pages or not, 65 MB is bloated.

You can also try saving as RTF, close, reopen and save to new name word doc.
That often gets rid of some bloating too.
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KerryGAuthor Commented:
There are no images in it, it is all pages and pages of survey data in tables. Unfortunately, I cant share the data as it is highly confidential data from a large company. I did seem to get it to repaginate MUCH faster now. Once the file is opened it will say like 1/5 pages then repaginate as you scroll through it. To make it go MUCH faster, when the document opens, hit Ctrl-End, the pagination now takes about 2 minutes which is quite livable. Once that completes the document is cached and Word performans nicely.
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Okay. So did you save as RTF?

There is NO reason for this file to be 65MB.
Tables or not.

Try the RTF thing.
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Wow. I'd like to see Dale's Note1 and Note2
Wait is this over the wire (network share) or local hard drive?
KerryGAuthor Commented:
I want to see those notes too. And this is after it is copied to the local drive, I am not THAT sadistic.
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
ROFL, Kerry!

(Kerry? Did you save as RTF yet? I know it'll take a bit, but sometimes...hey, I've seen docs decrease TENfold...)
KerryGAuthor Commented:
Tried to save it as RTF and 5 minutes later it has shown zero progress on the save.
KerryGAuthor Commented:
Not gonna happen, 10 minutes and Word is dead trying to save as RTF. I thought for a second about saving it as HTML but I have seen Explorer crash on a lot less than 1000 pages.

As for the size, this is an intense document, 1,000 pages of landscape tables all in tiny font sizes. There are 2.5 million characters. Its the table data that is pushing it off the scale, not "words".

Thanks for the tips, but the Ctrl-End to force pagination seems to be making everyone happy right now. On my 3.2ghz desktop, it finishes in under a minute.
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
What size does the file become when you winzip, kerry?
KerryGAuthor Commented:
Original: 63.1mb
PowerArchiver Zip: 4.54mb

Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Then there's definitely bloating that'll be gotten rid of....
You realize that saving as RTF doesn't lose anything, dontcha?
I mean...you're making a copy, not wrecking your original.
AND, it doesn't lose your formatting.
KerryGAuthor Commented:
But....it hangs Word trying to save it.
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Right. Duh.
I don't suppose you could send it to me? See my profile.
KerryGAuthor Commented:
Not if I wanted to keep this client. Wish I could, but the company that creates the file (a large in-car communications company that is carried by a major car company) auto-creates this file for my client (a large company that analyzes all the data from their client) and both companies would have my hide if I let anyone see the data.
Anne TroyConnect With a Mentor East Coast ManagerCommented:
Try this.
(I do understand)

Try copying like 200 pages of it to a new doc.
Save as RTF, close, open, save as DOC.

Copy 200 pages more.
Save as RTF, close, open, save as DOC.

You get the idea...
I KNOW I could help if I had that file. But I do understand.
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Delete the last 500 pages, save as RTF.
Reopen DOC, delete first 500 pages....
you see...
KerryGAuthor Commented:
500 Pages in RTF format = 59.9mb

I told you this document was brutal.
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
There's got to be something else wrong.
If you haven't given up or given up on me yet...maybe....

Could you take like 2 pages of it, save to a new doc.
Do a find and replace on miscellaneous and random letters/numbers so it becomes illegible text/data.
And upload that??
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Oh. Sorry. I keep spamming you, I know.

Open that 500 pages and SAVE AS A DOC.
What's the size now?

I didn't want the RTF size.
maybe you could try to open in open office and save again?

source : http://download.openoffice.org/index.html

it could do wonders :-)
KerryGAuthor Commented:
After loading the RTF (500 pages) and saving as a Doc, the new size is 46.5mb. I looked at the data and it would take all day to obfiscate the data enough, sorry.
open office opens even corrupt word documents and saves them as word again

but it could be dumb suggestion since Dreamboat is rolling over this one already ;-)
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
No suggestions are dumb, Bru. :)

I just created a file with 8 million + characters.
10.5 MB

Something dreadfully wrong there.
Anne TroyConnect With a Mentor East Coast ManagerCommented:
Make sure you're using my recommended settings:  www.theofficeexperts.com/word.htm

Also, make sure:
1. File-Properties and uncheck "save picture preveiw"
2. Tools-Options, Save tab, uncheck allow fast saves and also make sure it's not saving to some lesser version.
Joanne M. OrzechConnect With a Mentor Manager, Document Services CenterCommented:
Just a few thoughts - not sure how helpful but - for what it's worth

One thing to check:
Go under Tools, Templates and Addins - what template is attached (if anything other than normal.dot)?  
Is the template available on the desktops?
Do you have autotext entries in the document that may be images?  If so, delete them.  You can print out autotext entries, File, Print, Print What, Autotext.

Start with a blank document
Insert, File, browse to problem document
Save and see what file size is


Copy and paste everything but the last paragraph marker in the document
Save and see what file size is

KerryGAuthor Commented:
I have tried all of the suggestions and I really appreciate the effort. However, there are no images, autotext, or anything abnormal. It is simple one massive table structure after another. It is all done in 6 and 8 pt font sizes so the amount of text is double what you would normally get per page, add in the table definitions and headers and it just keeps adding up to a massive file regardless of what we have tried.
Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services CenterCommented:
What size is it if you bring it down to text?
KerryGAuthor Commented:
Saved as plain text the file is 2.28mb. Unfortunatley, it is completely unusable in that format because it blows out all of the table layout so you cant match up the data in it.
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Kerry, maybe you need to take this a step further.
I have a fax machine, to which a non-disclosure agreement can be sent.
And then you can send the file.
I feel confident we can fix this thing.
KerryGAuthor Commented:
I have asked my client amd they said no on letting anyone else see the file. Here is a rundown:

1. The file is automatically generated every week from one company and sent to my client
 - Thus any fix to the current file is moot when the next file arrives

2. The file seems to be almost double the file limitation of Word
 - This causes Word to behave quite poorly

3. Forcing a repagination by hitting Ctrl-End speeds up the load time from 20 minutes to 2
 - So while it is a small pain, the file is now quite workable

As I don't think there is any permanent fix due to #1, I am going to split points up based on your effort to assist.
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Thanks, Kerry.
Please advise the client that the point isn't moot if we could perhaps create a macro or something that will automatically *fix* the file each week. You could also advise them that I have had clients such as MSDW, JPMorgan, and GS, to name just a few. Also, if you do a search on my username, you'll notice I have a bit of a reputation to uphold and wouldn't jeopardize it for a bit of data. :) I have over 27,000 tech support posts on the web.
Anyway, I do understand YOUR position, and am only sorry. This must frustrate heck out of you.
KerryGAuthor Commented:
It sure does, but since their big complaint was taking 20 minutes to load the file and telling them to hit Ctrl-End and having it only take 2 minutes, they are happy for the time being. My personal guess is that this is going to require the work to get it solved at some point as this data set is growing each week and its only a matter of time before my simple work-around stops working.
Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:
Well, if someone always wants to open the file in normal view, you can do that, but ... yuk. I hate normal view myself.

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