I want to set up a wifi network at home.

I connect to a wireless network with a linksys usb wifi adapter.  I also connect to the internet through this.  I want to set up a wifi network in my home so I can file share, printer share and internet share.  What else do I need to do?

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Hi Barry-
I assume that you have two computers with wireless adapters at home? you want to create a ad-hoc wirless network and then you can simply share your printer out and use ICS(internet Connection Sharing) just like it was a normal 'wired' network.

I'm Not exactly sure what else you are looking for...
Barry62Author Commented:
Well, I tried to change the connection type from infrastructure to ad-hoc, and my internet connection dropped.

do you have a wireless router you are accessing for your Internet connection?
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Barry62Author Commented:
No, I am accessing my internet connection through my usb wifi adapter.
If I understand your setup correctly...Then you would need a seperate WIFI card to connect to your other computer and set that one to adhoc. you cannot piggyback on the network that is hosting your internet access, and then connect your two computers together on their network (unless they would open that possibility up to you, but I doubt that)
Barry62Author Commented:
OK, that's what I thought.  So, besides the wifi adapters on all my PC's, I need a wireless router to complete the network, right?

you should not need a wireless router, that's what setting it to adhoc does for you, so that is why you lost your internet connection when you set your adapter to it.
Barry62Author Commented:
OK, so if I get another USB adapter, I should be able to make it happen?
Yep - I have never actually set up two WiFi adapters on the same computer, but there is no reason that it shouldn't work.  It won't be any different than any other mulit-homed computer.  Sorry I can't give you first hand experience on that one.

Good Luck!

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let me see this, you have a network config like this:


and you want to add another computer? or what kind of internet access are you having? cause ok your PC is connecting to internet through a wireless adapter but who´s giving WiFi signal to you...? verify that information and if you have wireless router you just need to connect the other computer to it, and share files and printers! Hope this helps!
Adding to the last question... where does your internet connection come from?  A wireless internet connection doesn't come out of thin air... how is it set up?
Barry62Author Commented:
a netgear hotspot
Ok, well if you only want to use two computers, then use Thrasymachus' idea, although ICS isn't 100% reliable depending on your setup, it is the most cost effective way here.

If you wished to use something like a router, then you would first have to convert your wireless internet into a wire, with an AP set in client mode, which connects to your router and the router provides the connection.  Depending on the setup of the hotstop that mightn't be possible though (like how you log in).  I don't believe they have routers that can receive an external wireless connection, only an internal one (I could be wrong).

Not a common situation, I'll be interested to hear how you go.
From my point of view Thrasymachus mainly answered the initial question and nutted it out; I thought I provided some good altervative suggestions but didn't get much feedback.
Barry62Author Commented:
Please split the points evenly between both Ollien and Thrasymachus.

I am abandoning my quest for a netweork until I get a solid internet connection like cable or DSL.

Thanks for the advice!

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