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I am looking for a Time Picker Control (not datetime) where I can specify the minimum and maximum times that can be selected.

Any ideas?

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Ferruccio AccalaiConnect With a Mentor Senior developer, analyst and customer assistance Commented:
yeah mokule, was suggesting the same :)
....here an example:

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
datetimepicker1.Kind :=  dtkTime;
datetimepicker1.DateTime := strtotime('10.00.00');

procedure TForm1.DateTimePicker1Change(Sender: TObject);
if (datetimepicker1.Time > strtoTime('22.00.00')) or
   (datetimepicker1.Time < strtotime('10.00.00')) then begin
      Showmessage('Time must be between 10.00.00 and 22.00.00');
      datetimepicker1.Time := strtotime('10.00.00');

F68 ;-)
mokuleConnect With a Mentor Commented:

What about TDateTimePicker set Kind to dtkTime and use OnChange event.
VoodoomanAuthor Commented:

Sorry guys its not what I'm looking to do.

I could do this when I validate the data on the form.

When I load the popup, I want to prevent the users from selecting outside the limits of the day (that I set).

I don't want to work around it - this is a very nice high end piece of softare - hence I need to deal with the problem - not work around it!


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Ferruccio AccalaiSenior developer, analyst and customer assistance Commented:
--> When I load the popup
I first place you just said '...where I can specify the minimum and maximum times that can be selected...'

Maybe if you give more info about your needs we can suggest something more than a 'workaround', but for what is knowed until now mokule suggestion is an answer, not just a workaround....

What do you mean with 'when i load the popup'? what is the situation?

F68 ;-)
Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:

Do you mean you want to prevent the user to choose date out of the range you woud like to set?

if so then use MinDate and MaxDate to set the range for the TDateTimePicker

  DateUtils ;

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  DateTimePicker1.MinDate := IncDay(Date,-5);
  DateTimePicker1.MaxDate := Date;
VoodoomanAuthor Commented:

Firstly - apologies if anyone thought I was being unappreciative of the answers - this is not the case.  I try to help with answers, and I have been on EE for 5 years - mostly in the VB area - where I have answered hundreds of questions and hopefully helped some people.

F68 - I was quite clear in what I asked for - its a time picker where I can select the maximum and minimum times that a user can select.

The popup is a modal form where the user edits appointments.  The appointments must only be possible within the working day.

When I save the record I can easily tell the user that the time the user has selected is outside of the day.

If I wanted to do that I would do it.  The professional approach is to prevent the user making the mistake in the first place.

I would like a control like Lotus Organiser (if you havent seen it you wouldnt know what I mean) - lathough any control that limited the day (e.g. 08:00 - 17:00) would do.

Lotus use a drop down slider to adjust the time - it is fast and efficient and is limited to the extent of the day setup.

I was hoping that one of the experts may have seen such a control - bearing in mind the large number of excellent controls that there are for Delphi - surely one of the main reasons for using Delphi.

1) As Mocule said, adjust it to Kind of dtkTime and you will be able to change only time. Then using methods ReplaceDate and ReplaceTime you can make the DateTime you need.

2) http://www.torry.net/pages.php?id=297
VoodoomanAuthor Commented:

I have found a control that works for me - TADVSpinEdit from http://www.TMSSoftware.com.  Luckily I have bought this already as part of a package (I think it is also on the Delphi7 Companion CD).

This spin edits the time.

With this, the user cannot type into the box - they can only increment the time up and down with the spin button.

This has the advantage that the user can see when they have reached the top or bottom of the limit - without having to be told with a message box.

Using a simple bit of code under the change event the time spins only with the limits.

if strtotime(spintime.Text)<strtotime('10:00') then

     if strtotime(spintime.Text)>strtotime('17:00') then

By doing this I can make sure that users cannot set appointments out of the day without nagging them.  It also allows different ranges to be used on different days (e.g. Half Day on Saturday).

I will split the points between Mokule and F68 - thanks for the idea, and thanks all for the help!

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